October 18, 2022

How to Keep Safe When Accessing Online Entertainment?

Online entertainment has become the fastest growing hobby or pastime of the current time. There are several top choices that this article will examine and then provide some safety tips on how to keep safe when accessing and enjoying these specific forms of entertainment.

How to Keep Safe When Accessing Online Entertainment?: eAskme
How to Keep Safe When Accessing Online Entertainment?: eAskme

Streaming Music and Movies:

Only use reputable and known sites and don’t set up profiles on all the available streaming sites out there, but only on the ones that you regularly use.

One of the top pieces of advice is to read all the fine print, as you have numerous sites that offer a free sign-up and then immediately start charging you after the free period ends, without any reminders or notifications.

Consider using a VPN and stay away from sites that you or your family and friends have not heard about before.

Online Casino Games:

The casino games that you choose to play at must be registered and certified to make them legal.

There has been a proliferation of such casino sites that offer gambling for real money across the world and the internet, and you must, therefore, do your research and ensure that the site you choose is genuine and has been used by others without any issues.

Again, look to use a VPN to increase security and make your username a pseudonym. It needs to be difficult to figure out who you are, and your private details need to be kept as safe as possible.

The best tip is to find the best-recommended site and then only register at one such recognized site, rather than registering at all the sites that interest you.

Playing Online Computer Games

Online computer games and online gaming apps are somewhat different in that many are now provided for free, but you will still have to register and provide your details to download and play the game. 

Choose wisely and only play online casino games that have the HTTPS protocol and security settings that are noted front and center, you may want to investigate the uses of a shared or dedicated IP address.

It has become a modern means of cyber-crime, in that many people simply download games that they think are interesting, fun, and free to play, only to find out that they have then been hacked and or lost vital information and personal details.

General Online Safety Tips

  • Protect against ransomware and malware - Malware is malicious software that has been downloaded, either intentionally or unintentionally, as you spend time on the internet, shopping, and interacting. Malware may cause you to lose control of your device and may cause you to lose your data and allow others entry to your private online spaces. You, therefore, need to ensure that you don’t download any unknown software, games, or apps that you have not verified or confirmed are genuine.
  • Update your internet browser - The specific browser or service provider that you use to search the internet, do your banking, or play games can be a weak link and, as such, it should be updated and ensure that all the requisite safety protocols are followed and in place.
  • Use Strong passwords -Having passwords for all the apps, games, or sites that you use for your online entertainment is a given. However, for many, it is about simplicity and ease of access. Yet, it shouldn’t be, as it is all about your security and, as such, your passwords must be as complex as possible and difficult for others to figure out based on the information you put out on social media.
  • Never let your browser save login details - Even if it’s a password manager, if it’s built into your browser, you shouldn’t be letting it save your login details. Desktop browsers are notoriously porous, and any information left there is likely to be lost or stolen.
  • Don’t open emails and messages from people you don’t know - Opening unknown emails are the easiest way to be hacked. Furthermore, any links in such mail are normally simply the means for malware and ransomware to be downloaded. It’s simple; if you’re not sure, or the mail looks suspicious, then simply don’t open it and put it straight in the trash.

The fact that we spend so much time and money on our online entertainment and the aspects mentioned above means that we need to be sure of our safety and security when we do.

Whether you’re just watching short media clips, streaming music, movies, or playing games, ensure that you have considered your cyber security and have taken precautions to stay safe while online or in the cloud.