November 18, 2022

Cryptocurrencies Are Beneficial For Attackers And Defenders

Due to the absence of oversight and the growing popularity of cryptocurrency-based crime, hackers can extort enormous sums of money from law-abiding businesses. As a result of these reimbursements, nonstate-sponsored threat actors have become more sophisticated as they have increased their operations and capabilities.

According to the estimates of security experts, the notorious Conti ransomware group has made more than $2 billion, the vast majority of which was in bitcoins.

Cryptocurrencies Are Beneficial For Attackers And Defenders: eAskme
Cryptocurrencies Are Beneficial For Attackers And Defenders: eAskme

The team's success has led to its expansion to the point that it now has its human resources department.

Employees and contractors are even compensated in cryptocurrency.

Because attackers only have to be right once, but defenders must be right all the time, protecting a company against assaults is a never-ending game of cat and mouse.

Nevertheless, there is more depth than meets the eye when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Let's examine how the use of cryptocurrencies benefits both attackers and defenders to have a handle on the issue.

Be On The Lookout For Cryptocurrency Miners.

Organizations should be thankful when crypto mining is the goal of an attack since compromise is unavoidable in the modern world.

Compared to malicious goals like ransomware, the crypto mining that hackers do with their victims' computers and energy is relatively harmless.

Hackers' objectives are challenging to predict. However, a miner has two main goals:

While the primary goal, like ransomware or data exfiltration, may take some time, the secondary goal of mining may generate revenue right away.

The main goal is mining, which may be used as a kind of Robin Hood hacktivism against corporate avarice or digital squatting by an ethical hacker without a bug reward.

Finding a crypto miner is like doing a public service for defenders.

Since cryptocurrency mining is never justified legal business practices, it is always worth considering why a company is doing it.

To prevent the danger from reaching the primary goal, the defense has a better chance in the first scenario.

Ransomware And The Impact Of Cryptos:

The installation of ransomware is the most specific goal of cyber attacks. It disrupts operations and necessitates a ransomware or incident handling company to fix.

Bitcoin is the most traded digital money due to its widespread acceptance, ease of acquisition, and relative anonymity.

Bitcoin wallets may be created without providing any identifying information, and verified identities can be instantly verified.

For these reasons, Bitcoin is an excellent alternative for bad guys wishing to quickly conduct massive, anonymous transactions.

Ransomware payments are likely to be more than the minimal amount mentioned.

The government's cybersecurity operations may be able to recover more stolen monies in the future because of the value and effort put into monitoring transactions.

As bitcoin use grows, regulations will likely be enacted to ensure its safe and responsible use. To get a touch of it, visit 1k daily profits.


In the same way, danger hunters and actors have long engaged in a game of cat and mouse, and the same game is being played in the world of cryptocurrency.

First thought to be a fully anonymous, untraceable money open to criminal exploitation, bitcoin is traceable and even reclaimable.

To be responsible, we need to have an open discussion about the pros and cons of cryptocurrency.

Although cryptocurrencies' decentralized character is desirable and should be preserved, they must be regulated to prevent misuse.

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