March 11, 2024

YouTube Stories ShutDown: Why?

YouTube Stories shut down on 26th June 2023.

YouTube announced the fall of YouTube Stories in June 2023.

Platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook use Stories. YouTube stories work like Instagram and Snapchat disappearing messages.

YouTube Stories Shutting Down, Why: eAskme
YouTube Stories Shutting Down, Why: eAskme

YouTube Stories:

YouTube Stories was launched in 2018. In the beginning, YouTube allowed creators with 10000 subscribers to post stories.

Stories were the best place to share updates, vlogs, behind-the-scene stories, etc.

YouTube has decided to take down YouTube Stories because it lacks the most popular features, such as videos and swipe-up. Users are also not very much interested in Stories.

Another reason is that YouTube is getting more engagement on Shorts.

YouTube Stories failed to attract most users. Lesser engagement and popularity of Shorts and community posts are the reasons why YouTube is shutting down Stories.

YouTube Shorts and Community Posts:

YouTube Shorts and community posts are getting more popular day by day. YouTube Shorts is becoming the most engaging feature on YouTube.

Users can even watch Shorts on YouTube TV.

Shorts expire after 24 hours. Millions of YouTube content creators post shorts daily, and users spend most of their time watching shorts. YouTube Shorts are even becoming the biggest competitor of TikTok.

Users can also monetize YouTube Shorts.

Community Posts are also getting more likes and comments than YouTube Stories.

YouTube Shorts are Monetizable:

YouTube Shorts monetization has also made it one of the favorite short-form content platforms after TikTok.

Yet, YouTube is also competing with Facebook Shorts and TikTok.

The popularity of Shorts has made YouTube invest its time and money in making Shorts more useful for users.

YouTube and other social networks have learned the secrets of Shorts' success from TikTok. TikTok is still the number one platform for consuming shorts. Short video length can be between 15 seconds to one minute. You can also edit videos, add music, etc., to make your Shorts fun for viewers. YouTube has also cleared that they will share the revenue with music copyright holders.

These things make YouTube a legit platform for creating and watching short videos.


Lack of engagement is the biggest reason why YouTube Stories will be discontinued. YouTube is still looking for more ways to make the platform exciting for users.

In the coming weeks or months, you will see more updates, features, and releases from YouTube to power up Shorts.

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