May 21, 2023

YouTube Has Launched Non-Skippable 30-seconds Tv Ads!

YouTube has been facing ad-revenue loss in the last three quarters.

It is why YouTube is looking for more ways to generate revenue. The company also understands the user behavior shift.

Now, YouTube has introduced 30-second non-skippable ads for connected smart televisions.

YouTube Has Launched Non-Skippable 30-seconds Tv Ads: eAskme
YouTube Has Launched Non-Skippable 30-seconds Tv Ads: eAskme

In the new ad format, you will see two ads in a single slot without any option to skip the ad.

The shift in User Behavior:

Since Covid19, there has been a shift in creation and consumption on YouTube. YouTube content creators create content from 15 seconds to 15 hours in length.

YouTube Shorts are also performing well.

YouTube is also the most-watched streaming service on smart TVs in the USA. More than 150 million users are watching YouTube on TVs in the USA.

YouTube is targeting those users with new ways to reach more viewers on more screens.

YouTube Non-Skippable Ads in 30-Seconds Ads Format:

YouTube is displaying 30-second non-skippable ads on Tv screens.

By displaying longer ads, YouTube targets advertisers’ satisfaction and more revenue.

YouTube Select counted more than 70% of impressions on Tv Screens. It is becoming a popular feature for advertisers to use formats and display the ads in front of a wider audience.

YouTube is also introducing Pause on CTV. This way, you can pause the video and learn more about the brands on the page.

Google AI is there:

Google advertisers can now use the power of AI in ads.

Google AI is also generating better revenue than manual campaigns. Brands like Soy Electronics, Hershey, Ipson MMA, Nielsen, and TransUnion have seen growth in their marketing result with Google AI.


YouTube has combined two 15 seconds ads to create one single 30-second non-skippable ad.

This way, YouTube is trying to align with the advertisers’ objectives.

With these changes, the company expects growth in viewers, advertisers, and creators.

This change will also impact user behavior on YouTube. Advertisers should also understand the impact of the new ad format.

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