February 21, 2023

YouTube New Partner Program Terms: Here is Everything that You Must Know

YouTube is changing Partner Program terms. You cannot earn from YouTube shorts without accepting new YPP terms.

YouTube is updating Partner Program terms after a long time.

The reason behind changes in YouTube Partner Program terms is to ensure that YouTube content creators will accept new terms and get more ways to monetize YouTube Channels.

YouTube New Partner Program Terms Here is Everything that You Must Know: eAskme
YouTube New Partner Program Terms Here is Everything that You Must Know: eAskme

Monetized channels have six months to accept the terms or lose the ability to monetize their channels.

If you accept the terms now, you can monetize your YouTube Shorts starting February 2023.

Here is everything that you should know about YouTube New Partner Program terms.

YouTube Partner Program: What has changed?

YouTube is introducing more ways for creators to join YPP and make money with YouTube.

Therefore, YouTube wants creators to accept new terms.

New YouTube Partner Program Terms:

YouTube is enabling different video formats for monetization.

Content creators must accept YouTube Partner Program terms.

YouTube creators must accept basic YouTube Partner program terms.

New YouTube Partner Program Terms include:

Watch page monetization:

Make money online from YouTube Premium and ad on long videos.

Short monetization:

Earn money online from ads that run on Shorts.

Commerce Product Addendum:

Earn money with fan funding features like super chats and membership.

It is your choice whether you want to accept all or some terms.

Even if ads run on your long videos, you must still accept “Watch page monetization”; otherwise, you will not earn any money with ads.

What should YouTube Content Creators Do?

YouTube Partner Program members must accept new terms before July 10, 2023.

You can start monetizing your YouTube shorts from February 1, 2023. But, to monetize shorts, you must accept new terms.

You will receive notifications to accept new terms.


YouTube has launched many new features and updates to ensure that creators can publish quality and more content.

The company has also enabled Shorts monetization to encourage content creators on YouTube.

You must accept new terms before July 10 to earn money from your YouTube videos.

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