November 08, 2022

Watch YouTube Shorts on TV: Here is How?

YouTube shorts are finally available for your TV screen. It also means that the short shorts are optimized to play on the big screen.

YouTube has published A blog revealing that YouTube shorts are going on this screen.

YouTube Shorts are Available on TV.: eAskme
YouTube Shorts are Available on TV.: eAskme


YouTube chief product officer, Neal Mohan, has also revealed that they are designing YouTube shorts for TV screens to expand Shorts' viewership.

But you can only access YouTube Shorts on Tv if you have a smart TV, Android TV, or Google Tv.

YouTube Shorts are going to be the only and first type of Shorts that will be available on TV screens.

It also means that now you can watch vertical YouTube Shorts on Horizontal tv screens.

Shorts will display with a white border on your smart TVs. You will also see additional information in the remaining space, such as title, creators, likes, etc.

YouTube Shorts on Tv for Community Viewing:

The release of YouTube Shorts on Tv will also increase community viewing.

YouTube has researched a lot before releasing this update.

We all love watching TV with our family and friends. YouTube also uses that idea to grow the viewership and engagement of shorts.

YouTube Competing with TikTok:

YouTube and many other social networks compete with TikTok to overtake the Short video industry. This is why Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are using Shorts.

YouTube Shorts are more successful than other brands that are competing with TikTok.

Shorts on Tv will bring more success, engagement, and viewership to YouTube. At least, this is what YouTube is Targeting.

YouTube is also trying to dominate the presence of the most viewed app on Tv.

Shorts on Tv will benefit not only YouTube but also the viewer and creator. It will also save your eyes from continuously looking at smartphone screens.

How to Watch YouTube Shorts on Tv?

  • You can watch YouTube Shorts on TV manufactured after 2018.
  • Visit YouTube Shorts or visit creators' shorts to watch them.
  • Scroll down to watch more shorts.


Releasing YouTube Shorts on Tv is a smart move.

I like watching YouTube videos on Tv rather than keeping my eyes on the smartphone screen.

This will increase the time user can spend watching YouTube Shorts.

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