February 06, 2023

YouTube Shorts Monetization: Eligibility, Ad Revenue Sharing & Analytics!

Starting February 1st, 2023, YouTube Shorts creators can join YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and make money with YouTube Shorts.

But, there are a few things that you must understand before planning to monetize YouTube Shorts, such as:

  • How YouTube Shorts Creators Can Join YPP?
  • How Shorts Ad Revenue Sharing Works?
  • How You Can View Your YouTube Shorts Earning and Performance?

How can YouTube Shorts Creators Join the YouTube Partner Program?

YouTube Shorts Monetization: Eligibility, Ad Revenue Sharing & Analytics: eAskme
YouTube Shorts Monetization: Eligibility, Ad Revenue Sharing & Analytics: eAskme

YouTube Partner Program with new terms allows YouTube Shorts creators to monetize their content.

To make money with YouTube Shorts, you must fulfill the YouTube Partner Program criteria:
Must have 1000+ YouTube Channel Subscribers and 10 million eligible public Shorts Views within the past 90 days.

To monetize your long video content, you must have 1000+ Subscribers and 4000+ watch hours on long videos.

Your content must follow the YouTube Originality Policy, which clearly states that content should be original, and you have the right to distribute it.

YouTube Still allows you to remix content but will only consider such content if the users find it meaningful.

YouTube Short's ad revenue-sharing model differs from the traditional model for longer videos.

YouTube Shorts Revenue Sharing: How it will work?

YouTube's revenue-sharing model for Shorts is different from that for regular videos.

How YouTube Shorts Ad Revenue Sharing Works: eAskme

Here is how it works:

1. Shorts Feed Ad Revenue is Pooled:

YouTube will calculate the total views your shorts have received within a month and use the total number to reward the YouTube content creator. It will also cover the music licensing cost.

2. Creator Pool is Calculated:

YouTube Shorts creators will earn the revenue share for their shorts views.

The amount you can make from YouTube Shorts depends upon the views and the music you have used on all YouTube Shorts.

It means that if you upload Shorts without music, YouTube will not deduct music licensing costs, and all the revenue share will go to Creator Pool.

However, if you use music in videos, YouTube will split your earnings and share some parts with music creators.

3. Creator Pool allocates revenue to Creators:

For example: If your YouTube Shorts has a single music track then 50% revenue will go to the Creator Pool and 50% will go to music partners. But, if you have two music tracks in video, then a third portion of the revenue will go to the Creator Pool, and two-thirds will go to music partners.

After that, The Creator Pool will allocate the revenue based on the total Shorts views.

Note: You will only earn money for eligible views.

4. Shorts Revenue Share:

YouTube Shorts Creators can keep 45% of the revenue share for eligible short views.

If the Creator pool allocates $1000, you will earn $450.

YouTube's Shorts monetization model is based on letting creators create more Shorts without worrying about copyright and revenue.

You can check your YouTube Shorts earnings under the "Revenue" Tab in YouTube Studio Analytics.
You can get details of your earnings from live content, Shorts, and videos under the "How you make money" tab.

How to Make Money with YouTube Shorts?

You must accept the YouTube Partner Program guidelines to earn revenue from YouTube Shorts. In addition, you can check the YouTube Shorts monetization agreement under the "Earn" tab.

Go to "get Started" and accept the terms.

You must fulfill the basic requirements if you are separate from the YouTube Partner Program.


YouTube Shorts Monetization is one of the best ways to encourage YouTube creators to spend more time creating Shorts.

Creators with millions of Shorts views can earn money without worrying about copyright or creating longer videos.

Remix content is quite popular in YouTube Shorts, and you can benefit from such content.

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