June 16, 2023

Why Crypto and Sport are the New Power Couple?

Following a brief dip in popularity and worth, cryptocurrencies are back on track and driving for change. The most popular crypto token is Bitcoin, which has led for many years. It paves the way for crypto investment and trading, but other options are available.

It's a rapidly changing, evolving, and improving marketplace, meaning you must follow changes and keep up with improvements. One area you may be surprised to see crypto is professional sports. Two of the most lucrative areas of modern business are moving ever closer, and millions will benefit when they combine their powers.

Why Crypto and Sport are the New Power Couple?: eAskme
Why Crypto and Sport are the New Power Couple?: eAskme

Some sports teams have been quicker to embrace Bitcoin than others, and you will even find famous clubs from the English Premier League and NFL promoting their crypto tokens, available to invest in today.

The future of sports betting is through Bitcoin sportsbooks, and we're already seeing major names in the field accept crypto tokens.

But what impact will embrace the future have on the ancient and fiercely traditional sports world?

Keep reading as we explain how Bitcoin is impacting sports.


You can purchase official club merchandise using crypto and Bitcoin.

Buying shirts, sports equipment, and other merchandise pumps millions of dollars into the top teams each year and plays a crucial role in the organization's future.

Purchasing directly from your club is a great way to help fund their ambitions.

When shopping at an official club website, you can select Bitcoin as your payment option.

Input your crypto account details, as would your debit card info, add products to your online basket, and transfer the funds.

It's simple, fast, and secure. Most vendors of club merchandise offer next-day delivery.

This season's home shirt racing through the post to your door won't be the only benefit of using crypto for online purchases.

You may even qualify for rewards from both Bitcoin and your team. It includes cashback, freebies, and discounts.


Watching your team on TV is excellent, but it doesn't compare to visiting the stadium in person.

Purchase through official channels using your crypto card and have your matchday tickets sent out, often by the next day.

You then have an exciting day out to plan.

There are many ways to purchase tickets today, from online to outside the stadium, but the most secure option is using your crypto card online.

Please only buy through official club sellers and use safe payment methods, as some ticket touts and scammers are operating around the most prominent teams.

Nothing compares to taking your seat pitchside to watch the game.

You'll see the top players, passionate coaches, and dedicated fans in action.

Rub shoulders with like-minded sports lovers knowing all your purchases relating to the day are protected.


As legalized sportsbook betting continues to sweep across the United States, millions of wagers go on the NFL, NBA, MLB, and other famous competitions.

Online bettors like to make predictions on the winner of each game, total points, handicap, next scorer, and more. There's something for everyone.

The quickest and most secure way to gamble on sports is with your smartphone and crypto account. Download an online gambling app, add your Bitcoin account details, and start betting.

The leading apps offer all new players a welcome bonus free bet when they create an account and gamble.

The most popular welcome bonus is the deposit-matched free bet.

You'll bag free bet tokens in your balance by registering, depositing, and gambling.

Wager on your favorite players, teams, and tournaments with Bitcoin.


With the top sports teams launching crypto tokens, you now have a chance to support your club financially while dipping your toe into the waters of crypto investing.

When registering with a crypto trading company, you can purchase your team's official crypto tokens and hold onto them in the hope they increase in value.

You can also spend these tokens at the club shop or elsewhere, and the team will benefit again.


Take your crypto card along to the stadium and use it to make matchday purchases.

Buy food, merchandise, scarves, hot drinks, and even bet using Bitcoin.

Touch your card to spend and receive instant rewards for you and the team.

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