June 07, 2023

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Keep an Eye on March 2024

2024 begins with a bull market in the cryptocurrency sector following a protracted bear market.

The fall of the Silicon Valley Bank caused the stock markets to experience increased volatility and increased awareness of the digital market.

And the total value of the cryptocurrency market returned to $1.1 trillion.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Keep an Eye on March 2023: eAskme
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Keep an Eye on March 2024: eAskme

Bitcoin: The King

The market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen significant price increases since March 10, when New York officials shut down Silicon Valley.

After the US bank declared bankruptcy, the value of BTC and ETH increased by about 10%.

Other significant altcoins also stirred up the market with recent releases and updates.

The price of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the largest market share (44%), reached a nine-month high of $26,000 on March 14.

The leading cryptocurrency always influences the price of minor cryptocurrencies.

By the way, since the start of 2024, the price of BTC has climbed by nearly 49% and 13% in a single week.

Most of the sector declines when the market is bearish.

However, specific market segments emerge after gaining traction from a product or exchange launch. The key is to find these projects early enough to invest in them before the majority of the move.

Shiba Inu: The things you must not miss about it

Shiba Inu's new layer-2 blockchain, "Shibarium," in its initial beta, "Puppynet," is well-known for generating much skepticism in the cryptocurrency community.

The second-largest meme coin, founded as a joke, also focuses on innovations with significant use cases.

Due to the March 12 debut, the SHIB community dubbed themselves "Dogecoin Killer," and may the SHIB Army's beliefs come true.

Shiba Inu has removed six zeros since September 2020.

Additionally, SHIB prices have increased following a significant decline.

Shiba Inu, however, had a market cap of $6 billion, a 24-hour trading volume of $397 million, and a price of $0.0000105 at the time of writing.

The hoopla surrounding the Shibarium may fail to drive up the price of SHIB.

Polygon, the worthy crypto:

On March 27, Polygon, one of the notable Ethereum projects, will launch the mainnet for its layer-2 scaling solution, "zkVM," zero-knowledge technology.

According to Polygon, zkVM and Ethereum's Virtual Machine (EVM) are comparable.

That would be compatible with Ethereum's code. Thanks to the development, users benefit from reduced expenses, a 90% fee decrease, and quick and secure transactions.

Singularity: The name you won’t forget about:

Everyone is drawn to the hoopla around artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots.

A crypto coin powered by AI has also begun to circulate in the market.

Cryptocurrency investors are becoming interested in SingularityNET (AGIX), an AI developed by the Sophia team.

Dogecoin used to be triggered by Elon Musk's interaction, but Al is now starting to leap into it.

A rumor is circulating on social media that Musk's AI development team may be SingularityNET after he said he had hired a team to create a new AI chatbot.

Additionally, the CEO of Twitter shared a poster today with the word Singularity in the image.

Let’s know about the crypto GPT:

One of the cryptocurrency tokens built on layer-2 zero-knowledge (ZK) blockchain and AI is called CryptoGPT (GPT).

On March 10, CryptoGPT unveiled its GPT coin and referred to itself as a cryptographic ecosystem. Nevertheless, the token generates much buzz on social media and business.

The website caters to traders of all skill levels, from novices to experts.

The dashboard attempts to assist traders in identifying potential currencies to trade before those coins become well-known and valuable.

The detailed market insights are intended to aid traders in developing market-beating tactics.

Additionally, the platform's strategy builder actively promotes independent strategies by enabling traders to create plans.

The system also provides backtesting capital to allow traders to test methods without putting real money in danger.


Despite the horrifying bear market, all of the projects on this list are serious contenders to become the next cryptocurrency to become viral in 2024.

This is so that they can be widely adopted in 2024 since they have strong foundations, unique concepts, and a skilled workforce.

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