December 23, 2023

Agnès Varda's Net Worth: French New Wave, Life, Films, Career, and Achievements of The Google Doodle Woman

By Sona Mathews

Agnès Varda was featured on Google Doodle on 13 December 2023. Do you know who she is? Why is it so important that Google featured her in Doodle? Let's find out everything about Agnès Varda!

Who is Agnès Varda? What is Varda by Agnès? What are the Agnès Varda Films? What is her age?

Today, you will get every answer!

Agnès Varda: Who she is?

Agnès Varda's Net Worth, French New Wave, The Google Doodle Woman: eAskme
Agnès Varda's Net Worth, French New Wave, The Google Doodle Woman: eAskme

Agnès Varda is one of the most popular women in the French film industry. With her skills and dedication, she has changed the way French movies are portrayed. She has a unique set of skills that made her a popular photographer and filmmaker.

Agnès had spent 60 years of her age working with French cinema. She was also an important part of the French New Wave movement.

It is not her net worth that shows her popularity, but it is her contribution to French films.

Though she has earned massive net worth from her movies.

Agnès Varda's life has touched not only French cinema but also the lives of many Hollywood stars. Her passionate direction and storytelling skills had earned her many popular movies. She had made $5 million net worth before she passed away in 2019.

Agnès Varda's Net Worth:

Agnès's $5 million net worth is the result of her dedication to the French film industry and the hard work of movie making.

Agnès Varda not only made net worth from movie directions but also earned from many business ventures such as writing, photography, arts, etc.

Agnès Varda's Life:

Agnès Varda born on 30 May 1928, in Ixelles, Belgium. She was the daughter of Eugene Jean Varda and Christiane Varda. Varda had 5 siblings Sylvie Varda, Hélène Varda, Jean Varda, and Lucien Varda.

She learned the basic artistic skills from her family. She was fascinated by cinema and photography. Varda has made her name in the French movie industry because of her storytelling skills and direction. Her success in cinema has made her an important figure in the French New Wave Movement.

Agnès Varda's Husband:

Agnès Varda married to Jacques Demy in 1962. She met him during a short film in 1958.

Agnès Varda’s Career:

Agnès Varda entered the French film industry in 1950. She directed the "La Pointe Courte" movie in 1955. With her first movie, she has earned the fame of being an exceptional director. Her film "Cléo from 5 to 7" displays her visionary filmmaking skills.

In Agnès Varda's movies, you will see the human characters in their natural form. She loves to direct documentaries and fiction films.

Her movies like The Gleaners and I, Vagabond, Cléo from 5 to 7, and La Pointe Courte are some of the best movies in the French film industry.

Agnès Varda Films:

Here are the complete films of Agnès Varda:
  • La Pointe Courte (1954)
  • Cléo from 5 to 7 (1961)
  • Ciné-Tamaris (1977)
  • One Sings, the Other Doesn't (1977)
  • Vagabond (1985)
  • Jacquot de Nantes (1991)
  • The Gleaners and I (2000)
  • Faces Places (2017)
  • Varda by Agnes (2019)

Agnès Varda won many awards, such as:

  • Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival
  • Academy Honorary Award (2017)
  • Honorary Palme d'Or (2015)
  • Honorary César (2001)
  • Golden Lion (1985)
  • César Award for Best Documentary (2009)
  • European Film Academy Documentary Award - Prix Arte (2000)
  • Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Foreign Language Film (1986)
  • Ulysse (1984)
  • Writers Guild of America The Jean Renoir Award (2019)
  • Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival

Agnès Varda Personal Life:

Agnès Varda's personal life is full of colors. She married the love of her life, Jacques Demy, in 1962. Their marriage continued till their death. They have together worked on many films.

Agnès Varda's movies are filled with her own experiences. She gave the characters inner voice and knew how to direct a movie to make it impactful. Her movies can easily connect with the movie lovers.

Agnès Varda FAQs:

Is Agnès Varda Alive?

No, Agnès Varda died in 2019.

Why Agnès Varda is Popular?

Agnès Varda is popular for her filmmaking and her participation in the French New Wave Movies.

What was Agnès Varda Original Name?

Agnès Varda was born with the name Arlette. But later, she changed it.

Why Agnès Varda Changed her Name?

Agnès Varda never liked the word ette in her name, so she changed Arlette into Agnès Varda.

How Many Siblings does Varda have?

Varda had 5 siblings Sylvie Varda, Hélène Varda, Jean Varda, and Lucien Varda

Who are Agnès Varda's Children?

Rosalie Varda and Mathieu Demy are Agnès Varda's children


Agnès Varda's $5 million net worth is the result of her hard work, skills, and love for French movies. She died in 2019 and left behind the legacy of the best French movies. The French New Wave will never forget her contribution. Varda has made a long-lasting impact on worldwide cinema and Hollywood stars. She will be remembered as the most important French women figure in cinema.

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