December 23, 2023

Why Is Battlefield 2042 So Bad? What did it Missed? How to Fix it?

Battlefield 2042 is such a disappointment. But why? What’s wrong with the Battlefield 2042? Why is Battlefield 2042 so bad to play?

Battlefield games have been the most popular games in recent years. EA Games and DICE were trying to expand the “Battlefield” game with the launch of “Battlefield 2042.” It was expected that new weapons, new maps, and new strategies would be launched in the next-generation Battlefield 2042.

I am a fan of the Battlefield game series, but Battlefield 2042 has completely failed on every expectation.
Rather than giving the next generation Battlefield experience, it has ruined everything with no gunplay, no skills, and even maps and mouse input feel broken. Too much lag in the game.

Why Is Battlefield 2042 So Bad, What did it Missed,: eAskme
Why Is Battlefield 2042 So Bad, What did it Missed,: eAskme

Expert gamers and developers have noticed many flaws during the first week of “Battlefield 2042.” Not only the graphics but also the poor gaming experience are making the gamers fuss about everything.
Battlefield has also ruined its reputation with the most awaited “Battlefield 2042.”

Battlefield 2042 is so awful that I must write a complete blog about it. There are so many issues with the game that I may not be able to cover in one article.

The unlimited bugs are damaging the gaming experience. Battlefield 128-player making it impossible to track XPs. Maps are not working; cosmetics and ranks are so dull.

Battlefield franchise also offered limited modes and maps in Battlefield 2042. It is even less than the previous Battlefield games. You can access only 6 gaming modes and 6 Battlefield maps. Battlefield 2042 has raised expectations but is not even performing at the basic gamer’s level.

While everyone is cursing Battlefield 2042, let’s find out why Battlefield 2042 is so bad.

Why is Battlefield 2042 so bad?

Battlefield 2042 launch was full of bugs and technical issues. Yet, people liked the new maps and shooting devices. But within a few days, it was revealed that it was a waste of time to spend time on Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield lovers started complaining about the very few levels and modes. Rather than getting 12+ modes and 60+ levels, gamers only found 6 modes and 10 maps. This has raised disappointment. Battlefield games are known for their levels and maps. With a lack of gaming content, people start getting off with the new Battlefield 2042.

Recoil is another big issue with Battlefield 2042. It is not as easy as in other Battlefield games to use weapons. The gaming community even complained about the Battlefield 2042 sound and graphics.

Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 are still the most loved games of the Battlefield series. Whereas Battlefield 2042 is a complete disappointment.

If you leave Battlefield 2042, you will find many Battlefield games super exciting. Battlefield has a long history of rich gaming experience.

Battlefield History:

“Battlefield 1942” was the first Battlefield game that ever earned any reputation. With its multiplayer capabilities, classy environment, and engaging experience, Battlefield became one of the most loved games in the gaming community.

Battlefield’s vehicle warfare and gaming sequences are widely loved by online gamers. Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 1 have earned fame and name for its franchise.

Battlefield 2042 Expectations:

With the announcement of “Battlefield 2042,” EA games have raised the expectations of every Battlefield lover. It was expected that the next-gen Battlefield game would deliver a better gaming experience with more gaming modes, interactive maps, and custom tools. Even the tease and trailers have raised people’s expectations of Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 and Earlier Games:

Battlefield 2042 received a severe hit when people started comparing it with previous Battlefield installments. The gaming community was comparing graphics, gameplay, features, maps, levels, and almost everything with previous games.

This comparison has cost Battlefield 2042 too much. It even failed to match the level of Battlefield 1.
Battlefield 2042 Launch Disaster:

Bugs, Lags, Glitches:

Battlefield 2042 launch was itself a disaster for the game. The game was launched with a lot of technical issues. It was experienced that DICE and EA Games launched “Battlefield 2042” without testing. YouTubers and Twitch gamers have started complaining about the bugs, lags, and glitches.

Battlefield 2042 Low Performance:

Battlefield 2042 low FPS has caught the attention of every online gamer. PC gamers have faced massive issues with shuttering and FPS. Battlefield 2042 was not even optimized for CPU and RAM. There is too much lag in the game, and players must reboot the game to play again. This caused another damage to Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 and Critics:

The gameplay community is already cursing the Battlefield 2042 game over its graphics, gameplay, maps, and technical issues.

  • Battlefield 2042 performance issues have caused many players to leave the game.
  • Map size and design are also questionable.
  • There are a lot of issues with Battlefield 2042 effectiveness and weapons.
  • Battlefield 2042 Specialist System and Teamplay are totally at the point of critics.
  • Game modes have disastrously failed to engage the players.

DICE and EA Games Response to Battlefield 2042 Issues:

DICE and EA Games showed no interest in fixing the issues. Rather than providing a solution, developers have released states about another game.

Even though the developer of Battlefield 2042 released an apology. Yet, there is nothing they can do to fix the game.

Battlefield 2042 Patches and Fixes released:

Till now, Battlefield 2042 has received 3 patches to fix different issues such as:

  • Patch 1.0.x to fix glitches and bugs.
  • Patch 1.1.x to fix Performance issues.
  • Patch 1.2.x to fix the Balance issue.

EA Games and DICE’s Damage Control for Future Battlefield Games:

DICE and EA Games are not going to refund the money that you have invested in buying the “Battlefield 2042” game. But they are determined not to repeat the same mistake with future Battlefield games.

Should I Buy the Battlefield 2042 Game?

No, Battlefield 2042 is a waste of money. You should invest your money in games like Modern Warfare.

What is Good About Battlefield 2042?

There is nothing that I can call good about the “Battlefield 2042” game. It is a total disaster and a waste of money. Play other Battlefield games.

Battlefield 2042 FAQs:

Is Battlefield 2042 a flop?

Yes. The Battlefield 2042 is a flop from the launch day. It is full of glitches, bugs, and technical issues.

What Battlefield 2042 Reddit is Saying?

Battlefield 2042 Reddit is filled with complaints and user experiences. Rather than wasting $60 on buying “Battlefield 2042,” you can buy some other games.

What is the Best “Battlefield” Game?

Battlefield 1, Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 3 are the best games to play.

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