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Bill Hayes Net Worth: Days of Our Lives Star, Cause of Death, Life, Bio, Wiki, Wife. What is Hayes Worth?

Bill Hayes died, leaving his $1.7 million net worth behind. His net worth primarily comes from his role as “Doug Williams” in the 1970s show “Days of Our Lives.” He also recorded “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” song at the top of the 1955 Billboard charts.

Bill Hayes died at the age of 98 on January 12, 2024.

He was part of NBC’s most popular and longest-running show, “Days of Our Lives.” He was the first to play “Doug Williams” in 1970.

Bill Hayes Net Worth? Days of Our Lives Star, Cause of Death, Life, Bio, Wiki, Wife. What is Hayes Worth?: eAskme
Bill Hayes Net Worth? Days of Our Lives Star, Cause of Death, Life, Bio, Wiki, Wife. What is Hayes Worth?: eAskme

Bill Hayes:

Bill Hayes (William Foster Hayes) was born on June 5, 1925, in Harvey, Illinois.

William Foster Hayes II and Betty Mitchell were his parents.

William Foster Hayes IV is his son. Bill was married two times in his life. His first marriage was with Mary Hobbs. They got married in 1947 and stayed together till 1969. Later, Bill Hayes married Susan Seaforth Hayes in 1974.

Bill Hayes was a famous American singer and Hollywood actor well-known for his song The Ballad of Davy Crockett and his role in Days of Our Lives.

He has earned massive net worth during his career.

Bill Hayes Net Worth:

Bill Hayes’s net worth is $1.7 million. He has earned it with his Hollywood career. He was part of songs, movies, and TV shows.

Yet, Bill Hayes’ most famous role throughout his Hollywood career was the role of Doug Williams. He has played this role multiple times till 2023. His massive net worth came from his role in NBC’s popular show “Days of Our Lives.”

Bill Hayes Early Life:

Bill Hayes was born in 1925 in Harvey, Illinois. He studied at Thornton Township High School and Whitter Grade School.

In 1943, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy Air Corps. He received the “American Campaign Medal” and “World War II Victory Medal.” Bill Hayes graduated from DePauw University in 1947.

Bill Hayes Career:

Bill Hayes started his career as a singer in “Your Show of Shows.” He also acted in “Me and Juliet.”

You can also watch Bill Hayes's documentary “World by the Tail.” He also appeared in “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Bill Hayes Marriage and Kids:

Bill Hayes married Mary Hobbs in 1947. They had five children.

In 1947, Bill Hayes married Susan Seaforth Hayes. Both have published their biography titled “Like Sands Through the Hourglass.”

Bill Hayes died on January 12, 2024. He was 98 years old.

Bill Hayes Cause of Death:

Bill Hayes's cause of death is known. Yet it is believed that he died of natural reasons or health issues.

Bill Hayes Awards and Achievements:

  • Best Actor for Daytime TV Magazine Reader's Poll
  • Afternoon TV Magazine: Best Actor
  • Photoplay Magazine Gold Medal Award: Favorite Daytime Male Star
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards

Bill Hayes Most Popular Shows and Movies:

  • Stop, You're Killing Me (1952)
  • Ed Sullivan's Toast of the Town (1953)
  • General Foods 25th Anniversary Show: A Salute to Rodgers and Hammerstein (1954)
  • The Woolworth Hour (1955)
  • Percy Faith Hour (1955)
  • Variety (1955)
  • Rocket Revue (1956)
  • The Ernie Kovacs Show (1956)
  • Max Liebman Presents Himself (1956)
  • Club 60 (1957)
  • The Big Record (1957)
  • Yeoman of the Guard (1957)
  • Little Women (1958)
  • Kiss Me Kate (1958)
  • Oldsmobile Music Theatre (1959)
  • Voice of Firestone (1959)
  • Bell Telephone Hour Himself (1960)
  • Music for a Christmas Night Himself (1960)
  • Show of the Week-Music of the Thirties (1961)
  • Here's Hollywood (1961)
  • True Story (1961)
  • The Cardinal (1964)
  • Once Upon a Mattress (1964)
  • The Wednesday Play (1967)
  • The Interns (1970)
  • Cade's County (1972)
  • Password Plus (1979)
  • Matlock (1988)
  • Frasier (2002)
  • Miracle (2013)
  • Days of Our Lives (1970–2023)

Bill Hayes FAQs:

Is Bill Hayes still on Days of Our Lives? 

Bill Hayes played the role of Doug Williams in NBC's show "Days of Our Lives" throughout his life. He died on January 12, 2024.

Who was Bill Hayes married to?

Bill Hayes married to Mary Hobbs (1947-1969) and Susan Seaforth Hayes in 1974.

When did Bill Hayes pass away? 

Bill Hayes died in real life on January 12, 2024.

Are Doug and Julie married in real life from Days of Our Lives? 

Yes! Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) got married in 1974.


Bill Hayes died at the age of 98 with a $1.7 million net worth. He was a famous songwriter, musician, Hollywood actor, husband, and parent.

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