January 05, 2024

Theresa Nist's Net Worth: What is the "The Golden Bachelor" Star's Net Worth?

Theresa Nist's estimated net worth is up to $1 million. Theresa came into the limelight when she appeared on" The Golden Bachelor" show to win Garry Turner's heart. She won the finale and is now married to Garry Tuner, "The Golden Bachelor" on live TV.

Who is Theresa Nist?

Theresa Nist's Net Worth: What is the "The Golden Bachelor" Star's Net Worth?: eAskme
Theresa Nist's Net Worth: What is the "The Golden Bachelor" Star's Net Worth?: eAskme

Theresa Nist was born on 4th August 1953. She was 70 years old in 2014. She started her journey in the finance industry.

She worked for years at TFS Financial Services. She was 70 when she married Garry, who was 72. She is from Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Theresa Nist's Net Worth:

Theresa Nist's net worth is $1 million. Nist has earned her net worth from her finance job and "The Golden Bachelor" show.

Most of her net worth came from her appearance in the ABC's show "The Goldern Bachelor" and from her marriage to Garry Turner.

Theresa Nist's children:

Theresa Nist has a son, Tommy, and a Daughter, Jenny. She has 6 grandchildren. Nist's Instagram account is filled with her family photos.

Theresa Nist's Career:

Theresa Nist worked as a Senior compliance and operations liaison professional at TFS Financial Services, Inc.

Before appearing in "The Golden Bachelor" show, she did not make many public appearances except on her Instagram account.

How Theresa Nist Earned Net Worth?

Theresa Nist's net worth of $1 million is the result of her appearance in the show "The Golden Bachelor" and her finance jobs.

Her Hollywood appearance has contributed to her net worth. It is expected that she will increase her net worth after her marriage to Garry Turner, or she can make more Hollywood appearances.

"The Golden Bachelor" Marriage: Theresa Nist and Garry Tuner Married on Live TV:

Theresa Nist married Garry Turner, "The Golden Bachelor," on live TV in January 2024. Garry's first wife, Tony, died in 2017.

Theresa received their first kiss from Garry during the first episode of "The Golden Bachelor."

It is expected that after marriage, Garry and Theresa will live in "Dream House" in Louisiana.

Theresa Nist has 105,000 followers on her Instagram.


Theresa Nist made $1 million net worth. She is known for his The Golden Bachelor show and "The Golden Bachelor marriage". She and Garry married on live tv in January 2024.

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