March 08, 2024

Akira Toriyama Net Worth! Dragon Ball Creator, Richest Mangaka, Cause of Death, Art, Wiki, Career, Wife! What is Toriyama's Worth?

Akira Toriyama's net worth is $55 million in 2024. He died at the age of 68. Akira Toriyama was known as the wealthiest Mangaka who have created various anime series such as Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball. He was also part of many video games like Blue Dragon, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest IX, etc.

Here is everything that you must know about Akira Toriyama.

Akira Toriyama Net Worth! Dragon Ball Creator, Richest Mangaka, Cause of Death, Art, Wiki, Career, Wife! What is Toriyama's Worth: eAskme
Akira Toriyama Net Worth! Dragon Ball Creator, Richest Mangaka, Cause of Death, Art, Wiki, Career, Wife! What is Toriyama's Worth: eAskme

Akira Toriyama:

Akira Toriyama was born on 5th April 1955 in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. He was a famous Japanese manga creator and writer. Kiyosu and Aichi Prefecture were his parents.

During his childhood, Akira Toriyama started drawing pictures of vehicles and animals.

Akira Toriyama's Net Worth:

Akira Toriyama's net worth was $55 million at his death in 2024. Toriyama's net worth is the result of his hard work and passion for Japanese manga. He has created many popular Manga characters and series.

Akira Toriyama was also one of the richest Mangaka.

His famous characters are Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, Sand Land, and Dr Slump.

Akira Toriyama’s Career:

Akira Toriyama has created many popular manga creators. He started his career in 1978. His first work was published in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

  • Akira Toriyama's first published work was "Wonder Island."
  • In 1979, he published "Today's Highlight Island." The same year he also created "Tomato the Cutesy Gumshoe."
  • Dr. Slump was the manga that established him as a manga creator. Akira Toriyama won Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo manga or shōnen manga.
  • In 1980, Toriyama established Bird Studio.
  • In 1982, Akira Toriyama Hozonkai was established for manga lovers.

Akira Toriyama and Dragon Ball:

Akira Toriyama gained fame with the Dragon Ball series between 1983 and 1997.

  • In 1983, Dragon Boy was published.
  • It later became Dragon Ball in 1984. Weekly Shōnen Jump has sold 159.5 million copies in Japan only. Dragon Ball became the most famous Manga series of all time.
  • Akira Toriyama has published 519 chapters of Dragon Ball in 11 years, that were published in 42 volumes.
  • Dragon Ball also became the focus of video games, merchandise, Manga movies, etc.
  • Dragon Ball became popular in Japan and gained popularity in the USA, Asia, and Europe. More than 350 million copies are sold worldwide.
  • Toriyama also worked in the Dragon Quest series.
  • In 1996, Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball was adopted as Dragon Ball T.
  • Between 1996-2011, Toriyama has created Cowal, Kajika, and Sand Land.
  • In 2005, CQ Motors was selling cars designed by Akira Toriyama.
  • In 2006, he started Cross Epoch and Blue Dragon.
  • In 2008, Toriyama created Sachie-chan Good! In 2009, he worked on Jiya.
  • Akira Toriyama worked with 20th Century Fox to develop a live-action Dragonball Evolution movie.
  • In 2012, Toriyama returned with "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods."
  • In 2013, Akira Toriyama published "Jaco the Galactic Patrolman."

Akira Toriyama's Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, and Kids:

Akira Toriyama got married to Yoshimi Kato in 1982. Yoshimi Kato was also a manga artist. Akira Toriyama and Yoshimi Kato have two children.

Akira Toriyama Death:

Akira Toriyama died on 1st March 2024. But his death announcement came in public on 8th March 2024. He has a small funeral.

Akira Toriyama Awards and Achievements:

  • In 2013, Akira Toriyama won the "Special 40th Anniversary Festival Award." Toriyama won Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême award.
  • In 2019, Akira Toriyama received the Knight" of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from France.
  • In 2024. Toriyama received the "Lifetime Achievement Award ."

Akira Toriyama's Cause of Death:

Akira Toriyama's cause of death is not clear. But it is believed that he died of natural reasons.

Akira Toriyama FAQs:

What was Toriyama's Worth?

Akira Toriyama's worth was $55 million.

Who is the writer of Dragon Ball Z?

Akira Toriyama created the Dragon Ball in 1984.

Who invented Goku?

Akira Toriyama invented Goku in the Dragon Ball series.

Will Dragon Ball continue after Akira Toriyama's death?

Yes! Dragon Ball Super manga will continue after Toriyama's death.


Akira Toriyama died at 68 with a $55 million net worth. Toriyama was the man behind the Dragon Ball manga series. He will always be remembered as the father of Dragon Ball.

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