April 30, 2024

AudioBookBay 2024: Free Alternatives and Proxy Sites to Download Audiobooks

The AudioBook Bay official website is down. Users are looking for ways to access the website or its alternatives. Various sites like AudioBook Bay offer free audiobook downloads. Let’s learn everything about the popular AudioBook Bay alternatives.

AudioBook Bay downloads are pirated, which can explain why the official AudioBookbay website is not active. Even if the user finds an AudioBookBay link in a search, the site is still not working. It is possible that the AudioBook Bay website will never go live again.

Now, the question is, how can you access the AudioBook Bay website or free audiobook download websites? What are the free AudioBook Bar alternatives for downloading audiobooks? Is it safe to download audiobooks for free?

AudioBook Bay 2024 (ABB):

AudioBookBay 2024, Free Alternatives and Proxy Sites to Download Audiobooks: eAskme
AudioBookBay 2024, Free Alternatives and Proxy Sites to Download Audiobooks: eAskme


If you have never visited AudioBookBay, you may ask what the Audiobook Bay website is?

As the name suggests, AudioBookBay (ABB) is a free website where you can download premium quality eBooks. Official websites have offered free eBooks, Novels, Documentaries, etc., of bestselling authors.
AudiBook Bay has a massive collection of eBooks available for free download. Free audiobook downloads are also the reason the official AudioBook Bay website is down.

On the AudioBookBay website, it was easy to search popular eBooks and download them free of charge. Ad-free eBook downloading has made the website popular.

Free eBooks and audiobook downloads are also available. The AudioBook Bay website is blocked in countries like the US, UK, Canada, India, South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, etc.
Official Audiobookbay.nl shut down. Now, look for Audiobookbay proxy sites or alternatives.

AudioBookBay proxy and mirror sites:

  • audiobookbay.nu
  • audiobookbay.nl
  • audiobookbay.li
  • theaudiobookbay.se
  • audiobookbay,fi
  • audiobookbay.is
  • audiobookbay.me
  • audiobookbay.biz
  • audiobookbayabb.com

Many AudioBook Bay proxy sites will be down in 2024. To stay safe when visiting AudioBookBay proxy sites, use a VPN and ad blocker. A VPN protects your identity and an ad-blocker to block malicious ads. VPN users can also unblock AudioBookBay websites.

Sites like AudioBookbay: AudioBookBay alternatives to download free eBooks and Audiobooks.

If the AudioBbookBay website is blocked in your country, do not visit Audiobook Bay mirror or proxy sites. You need the best Audiobook Bay alternatives to download eBooks and audiobooks.

Here are the Popular AudioBookBay Alternatives:

1. Audible:

Audible is a legit Audiobook Bay alternative. It is a premium platform for listening to audiobooks and originals. You need to register on the audiobook website or app to access audiobooks. Audible is a premium platform, and a subscription will cost $14.95/month. You can start with a 30-day risk-free trial. During the trial period, you can download two audiobooks for free.

2. DigitalBook IO:

DigitalBook IO is a popular website for finding free and paid audiobooks. Most of the audiobooks listed on DigitalBook IO are sourced from Librivox and Audible. It gives you three ways to access audiobooks: “Play Clip,” “Open as Podcast,” and “Zip file.” Before downloading an audiobook, users can check genre, language, provider, price, rating, etc.

3. Free Classic Audiobooks:

FreeClassicAudioBooks is a site like AudioBook Bay that offers digital narration of popular eBooks. It offers audiobook downloads in MP3 and M4B formats, which are playable on iPads. It is a legit site that offers audiobook downloads available in the public domain.

4. Libby:

Libby is another free site like AudioBook Bay for downloading eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines. It is a completely free website. You can download books without a subscription. Check the “Biggest Books of the Month” and “Features” collections. It is free to read the top releases on the Libby app.

5. Loyalbooks:

Loyalbooks is a free alternative to Audiobook Bay. It offers 7,0000+ free eBook and Audiobook downloads. It is a legitimate platform as it provides ebooks and audiobooks that are available in the public domain. You can download ebooks to read offline. Audiobook downloads are also free of charge. Like AudioBook Bay, you can access everything for free on Loyal Books. Loyalbooks offers audiobooks and eBooks in English, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, etc. Some paid books are also available on Loyal Books.

6. LibriVox:

LibriVox offers free public-domain audiobook downloads. You can read or listen to the audiobooks without a subscription or registration. There are 19,253 audiobooks available in the LibriVox database. It is another legitimate alternative to the AudioBook Bay website. Read 2,381 non-English eBooks.

7. Open Culture:

Open Culture is also a free website where you can download audiobooks. Like AudioBook Bay, it offers a massive collection of audiobooks from every genre. Access great recordings, free online courses, free eBooks, free textbooks, free language lessons, and more. More than 1,000 free audiobooks are available on Open Culture.

8. Storynory:

Storynory is a blog-like website where you can download free audiobooks or read the whole story as a blog post. It is an easy alternative to AudioBook Bay for reading eBooks without downloading. Read Originals, fairy tales, Classic authors, Myths, Educational materials, and Poems.

How do You Download Audiobooks to a Computer, Laptop, or Smartphone?

Visit any of these legitimate AudioBook Bay alternatives to download audiobooks available in the public domain.

After visiting the site, choose the book, click the “Download” option, and the audiobook will download on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone.


These are the free AudioBookBay alternatives in 2024 to download audiobooks. Premium websites in this list also offer free eBooks during the free trial.

You can use Internet Download Manager to download audiobooks for free.

AudioBook Bay (ABB) FAQs:

Why is AudioBookBay not working with VPN?

If AudioBook Bay is not working with a VPN, the ABB is blocked in that country.

How to Download from AudioBookBay Reddit Community?

AudioBook Bay Reddit community is a free place where users share free eBook download links. Visit the community to download free eBooks.

How to Use AudioBookBay on iPhone?

AudioBookBay is not working. It is not accessible on an iPhone without a VPN.