April 24, 2024

The Complete Guide to Ford F150 Running Boards

Running boards are not essential additions for Ford trucks but are convenient and practical. 2002 Ford F150 running board options span the gamut of off-roading to regular day-to-day driving.

The boards can offer protection and ease of access.

Finding the right running boards for your F150 depends on understanding the options and uncovering your needs.

The Complete Guide to Ford F150 Running Boards: eAskme
The Complete Guide to Ford F150 Running Boards: eAskme

Types of Running Boards for Ford F150:

Whether looking for 2024 or older 2013 Ford F150 running board options, you have a lot to choose from. Despite the number of manufacturers and products, the actual style or category of the running boards comes down to three choices: standard boards, nerf bars, or rock rails.

Standard running boards provide a wide, flat step for easy entry and exit, especially for children and elderly passengers.

They offer a good grip with tread patterns and complement the truck's design. That said, they may need to be more durable for off-roading or more adventurous driving.

Nerf bars are more found than standard running boards, which might be more challenging for some passengers. Still, the bars offer protection for rocker panels that standard boards may not.

Rock rails are mainly designed to provide maximum protection for the rocker panels during serious off-roading. They are less practical for everyday use because they focus on protection over ease of entry.

Typical Materials:

Running boards, nerf bars, and rock rails are made of various materials. Running boards typically use composite material, which makes them lightweight and more affordable. The material can also make the boards more grippy for safety.

Nerf bars and rock rails usually come in aluminum or steel options. Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, good-looking, and moderately priced. Steel is strong, durable, and affordable; however, it is prone to rust when not coated correctly.

Choosing the Right Running Boards for Your Ford F150:

Deciding between a 2008 Ford F150 nerf bar, rock rail, or running board depends on your needs.

For off-roading, when protection of the rocker panels is essential, nerf bars and rock rails offer the most bang for your buck. Running boards are your best option for daily on-road driving and are convenient overall.

Once you decide on the style you want, you must determine your budget, length, and fit.

Standard running boards are the most affordable option, so they might be your best bet when you're on a tight budget. For the length of the boards, you must determine your cabin configuration.

Do you have a regular crew or a super cab?

Each configuration changes the size of runners you'll need. Finally, you want to double-check the fitment. Review the installation guide or package to ensure compatibility with your truck.

DIY Versus Professional Installation:

After buying your running boards, you must decide whether to install them yourself or hire a professional.

If you are familiar with the process and have access to the appropriate tools, the task is relatively straightforward.

Still, many people feel more comfortable having a professional install the boards for stability and security.

Are you ready to buy running boards for your F150? If so, visit a local auto parts retailer to review all available options.

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