May 06, 2024

The Fall Guy Movie (2024) OTT Streaming, Release, Budget, Box Office Collection, Ratings, FAQs

The Fall Guy (2024) movie is based on the 1980's TV show "The Fall Guy." Ryan Goslin played the role of "Colt Seavers," who helped his director, Emily Blunt, to investigate the disappearance of the famous movie start.

Have you watched "The Fall Guy" movie? Do you want to watch the full movie "The Fall Guy" online? When will the movie "The Fall Guy" stream? Where to watch "The Fall Guy" movie? What is "The Fall Guy" movie budget, ratings, and box office collection? What is the star cast and crew of "The Fall Guy" movie?

Here is everything that you must know.

The Fall Guy Movie OTT Streaming, Release, Budget, Box Office Collection, Ratings, FAQs: eAskme
The Fall Guy Movie OTT Streaming, Release, Budget, Box Office Collection, Ratings, FAQs: eAskme


The Fall Guy (2024) Movie:

The Fall Guy was released on 3rd May 2024 in the USA, Australia, Canada, and India. It has yet to be the remake based on the story of the 1980' TV series of the same name.

In Vietnam, "The Fall Guy" was released with the title "Kẻ Thế Thâ."

The Fall Guy (2024) Story:

In "The Fall Guy" (2024), the stuntman Colt Seavers is back in action after a year leaving his business. This time, he is helping his ex-fling and director, Jody Moreno, to find the missing movie star.

Universal Pictures is distributing the movie "The Fall Guy".

The Fall Guy (2024) Movie Budget and Box Office Collection:

David Leitch has directed "The Fall Guy" (2024) movie with a budget of $130 million. During opening weekend, Ryan Gosling's movie collected $11.7 million at the box office.

The Fall Guy (2024) Crew:

  • Director and Producer David Leitch
  • Producer Ryan Gosling
  • Writer and Executive Producer Glen A. Larson
  • Executive Producer Drew Pearce
  • Cinematographer Jonathan Sela
  • Editor Elisabeth Ronaldsdottir
  • Musician Dominic Lewis

Start Cast of "The Fall Guy" (2024) movie:

Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hannah Waddingham, Teresa Palmer, Stephanie Hsu, Winston Duke, Ben Knight, Matsu, Adam Dunn, Zara Michales, Ioana Saula, Gregory J. Fryer, Madeleine Wilson, Kalkidan China, Angela Nica Sullen, DI Smith, and Megan O'Connell has played essential roles in "The Fall Guy" movie.

The Fall Guy (2024) Ratings:

The Fall Guy scored 7.3/10 on IMDb, 88% on RottenTomatoes, and 77% on Metacritic.

Where to Watch The Fall Guy Movie?

You can find showtimes, buy tickets from the official "The Fall Guy" movie website, or visit the nearest cinemas.

It is a fun movie to watch.

If you want to stream "The Fall Guy" full movie online, wait for its OTT release. People are already searching Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBOMAX, etc., to watch "The Fall Guy" movie online.

The Fall Guy OTT Release Date and Streaming Platform:

"The Fall Guy" movie will be released on Peacock. Ryan Gosling's movie will stream after the end of its theatrical run. It is expected to be released in 45 days on an OTT platform.

Best Site to Watch The Fall Guy Movie Online:


Peacock or Peacock TV is a streaming platform to watch "The Fall Guy" (2024) movie online in the USA. In other countries, you can watch the full "The Fall Guy" movie on platforms that partner with Peacock.

The Fall Guy FAQs:

Who is the director of "The Fall Guy"?

David Leitch is the director.

Who is the producer of "The Fall Guy"?

The producers are David Leitch, Ryan Gosling, Glen A. Larson, and Drew Pearce.

Where will the movie "The Fall Guy" stream?

"The Fall Guy" movie will stream on Peacock.

Is "The Fall Guy" movie available on Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu?

No. The Fall Guy movie is not released on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video.

Watch the full "The Fall Guy" movie at the nearest cinema or watch the complete "The Fall Guy "movie online on legit OTT platforms such as Peacock.

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