March 09, 2020

How to Stream Football Anywhere in the World?

Why Watch Football? As one of the most popular sports in the world, with an estimated 2.5 billion fans worldwide, cricket is a sport that is easily accessed online.

However, there is only one sport globally that has more fans: football.

How to Stream Football Anywhere in the World: eAskme
How to Stream Football Anywhere in the World: eAskme

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The sport is played throughout the world in a variety of leagues, the most popular of which are the Premier League in the UK, the Champions League which encompasses football clubs throughout Europe, and, of course, the World Cup which is a global competition in which football teams are arranged by nationality every four years.

To watch a football game anywhere in the world, fans only need a connection to the internet. Football fans, which are numbered at an estimated 3.5 billion worldwide, also enjoy wagering on games.

Premier league, Champions League, and Euro 2020 enthusiasts already know the different bet before getting into the action, though an internet connection will also be necessary to plug in to expert analysis and stats.

Sites to Stream Football:

The live streaming features that have emerged since Facebook released its ‘live’ video feature in 2015 are a testament to the lasting power of online streaming.

Not only are people often streaming a video straight to their social media page, but there can be thousands of people in the audience just a screen away.

This new occurrence, known as the live-stream revolution, still has much development to be undertaken given the power of the live-stream.

It allows us to view videos from anywhere in the world about almost anything in the world—however, it’s the sports industry that has a strong hold on in this newly-budding world.

In 2016, just over half of Twitter’s live video programs were about sports.

In particular, people who fall within the millennial generation are more likely to stream a sports event from a mobile device than they are to pay for a television subscription and tune in via satellite or cable.

This is radically changing the sports entertainment marketplace.

So, where can the prime streaming sites be found specifically, for the world’s most popular sport, football?

Below is a comparison of two of the world’s most popular live streaming services for football fans.


As implied by the title, this company actually offers live streaming for a variety of sports (cricket included).

However, it is the sheer amount of various football leagues that helps SuperSport make the cut to this list.

The site offers 20 different leagues to watch with their focus being Europe and Africa.

Not to be confused with the South African television network or the Albanian sports TV network, this website has a user-friendly quality to it, making it very easily accessible for any first-time international streamers.

It’s also friendly for new football fans, as the website provides basic information about various leagues, teams, and rankings.

However, the website also requires a lot of data and bandwidth to function, so make sure your internet connection is strong—and comes with unlimited data.


Many regard this streaming site as the best for football streaming, as it is one of the most widely-used streaming sites in the world.

As a bonus, the LiveSoccerTV landing page will allow visitors to access sports like cricket, rugby, MMA fighting, tennis, and American football.

The website also includes a variety of women’s leagues for various sports, making it a popular site for fans of female star athletes and the leagues they play in.

The website includes a live page, where visitors can take a look at a long list of upcoming matches for the day.

They also have top-suggested matches, which is a valuable resource for any new fan to the sport.

The website includes 20 football competitions and provides news updates for those who are stats-minded.

LiveSoccerTV has a mobile app that allows users to stream live football matches right to their phones.

And, as a plus, this site doesn’t require as much data, which means that the events watched via their mobile app will also be more user-friendly for those hoping to catch a game on the go.

The only pitfall of LiveSoccerTV? It does still include certain geo-restrictions.

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