January 30, 2023

5 Top Wayback Machine Alternatives: Internet Archive Sites 2024

What is the Wayback machine? Are you looking for Wayback Machine Alternatives? What are the top Wayback machine web archive sites?

Here is everything that you should know about the internet Wayback machine.

Before you know about the Wayback machine and its alternatives, here is why the Wayback Machine or web archive sites exist.

The Wayback Machine is helpful for those who want to check the history of a domain or website before purchasing an old website or domain.

It also helps you find lost content from your website. You can also check the old face of existing websites, design, and content.

What is Wayback Machine?

Wayback Machine Alternative Websites Web Archive Sites: eAskme
Wayback Machine Alternative Websites Web Archive Sites: eAskme


Wayback Machine was founded in 2001. It contains archived internet pages of websites from 1996 to now. Wayback Machine is a non-profit site where you can check more than 779 billion archived web pages.

Wayback machine is the most popular internet archive website. Many people visit the Wayback Machine website to find web archive content.

The Wayback Machine website is a place to know how sites have changed in the past few years. It is easy to check how a website has changed and the history of indexed websites.

The biggest use of the Wayback machine is understanding how your competitors have changed and upgraded their websites in the past few years.

Even if you are not always using the Wayback machine, you will be using it if you lose content.

Even though the Wayback machine is popular, it does not mean that the Wayback machine can never go down.

You need the Wayback machine alternatives when the original Wayback machine is down.
There are many alternatives to the Wayback machine available online.

Here I am sharing everything about the top Wayback Machine Alternatives.

Wayback Machine and Its Alternatives:

There are many internet archive alternatives to the Wayback machine available online.

You should choose the best according to your interest and usability.

Top Wayback Machine Alternative Websites are:

Domain Tools:

Domains tools are one of the most popular web archiving services.

Domain tools offer two services that can help you track the changes and screenshots of the existing websites such as:

  • Screenshots
  • Whois

You can quickly access website history and changes using the Domain Tools website.

You can check whois records without registration, but you must log in to check screenshots. Domain Tools whois features to display the IP history, number of changes, domain registration date, etc.

Notable features of Domain Tools are:

  • Complete website lookup information
  • Disclose IP address
  • Free internet archive service based on screenshots.

You can pay $99 for one month or $995 for the annual membership.

Internet Archive Today:

Archive.ph is earlier known as an archive.today. It is one of the best places to find images of your websites.

It is also a popular alternative to the Wayback machine. Archive.ph is a free web archive website where you can add your website. There is always a queue when adding a new website.

Archive today or archive ph is not very user-friendly, but it has a massive database of archived web pages.

You can check the website's screenshot, the date when the screenshot was taken, and the history. This information will help you find a useful website.

Notable features of Internet Archive Today are:

  • Access Images from domains.
  • Save content.
  • Track changes.
  • You can save copies of your website on this internet time machine.

It is free to use archive.ph.


PageFreezer is a premium web archive service where online conversations are captured.

You can also call PageFreezer a paid alternative to the Wayback Machine. Pagefreezer uses crawling technology to crawl web pages and list them in the archive directory.

You can access archived pages without downloading any software. It is easy to access legal proof, webpage comparison, export data, digital signatures, and live browsing using PageFreezer.

Notable features of PageFreezer are:

  • You can validate the authenticity and integrity of archived records.
  • Real-time content result.
  • Access conversations.
  • Track risk.

You can pay $99 for Pagefreezer monthly plan.

Memento Time Travel:

Time Travel is a web archive tool from Memento. You can use Time Travel to find the changes a website has faced during the last decade or years.

Memento Time Travel uses the archive.today API but offering enhanced results with an intelligent internet archive database.

Time Travel is also keeping track of those results and revising them.

Notable features of Time Travel are:

  • Search the complete site for archived pages.
  • Display missed opportunities.
  • Display website components.
  • You can see style sheets, text, and images.
  • Self-archiving pages.

Memento Time Travel is a free-to-use wayback machine alternative.


WebCite is another internet Wayback machine alternative that works differently.

In Wayback Machine, you can see archived pages, but in WebCite, you will see author-cited references from readers, publishers, and editors.

Notable features of WebCite are:

  • User-friendly design.
  • Best for authors and publishers.
  • Cited references.

WebCite is also a free Wayback machine alternative.


Wayback Machine is the best free internet archive service, and Pagefreezer is the best alternative to the Wayback machine.

Each Wayback alternative has its pros and cons. The choice of the best Internet Time Machine website depends on your requirement.

But before settling for the one, here are some Wayback machine FAQs you should know.

Web Archive FAQs:

What are the different types of Wayback Machine alternatives?

There are two types of Wayback machine alternatives available online. You can check websites and archived pages, such as archive.ph, and create your web archive directory, such as Pagefreezer.

How can I access Archived websites and Web Pages?

You can access the archived website by visiting the Wayback machine arhive.org website from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Go to any website listed here as the Wayback Machine alternative.

Is Web Archiving legal?

The Wayback Machine is legit, and its alternatives are also legit and non-profitable websites to find archived webpages.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

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