January 21, 2024

Tanzohub: Complete Guide

Tanzohub is a complete online learning portal to teach yourself some of the best skills. With over 50,000 course videos, it dominates the online educational websites Udemy, Coursera, etc. Whether you need to learn the basics of computers, or you want to learn advanced career skills like AI tools or want to develop a hobby, Tanzohub has a course for every need. Leading industry experts from every niche are teaching online on the Tanzohub website. It is accessible on smartphones, desktops, and laptops.

Online learning is the fastest and easiest way to learn new things. Tanzohub's Twitter has nothing to do with the Tanzohub learning solution. Everything is available on this online educational platform, from free fundamental courses to premium professional courses. HD-quality video tutorials, a range of online courses, and certification programs have made the Tanzohub website popular. It is accessible anytime with a smart device and internet connection. Tanzohub is a premium online learning solution.

Tanzohub Complete Guide: eAskme
Tanzohub Complete Guide: eAskme

What is Tanzohub?

Tanzohub is a Tanzanian premium website to learn from basics to advanced courses. It is also the best project management solution for companies and marketers. Its unique set of professional tools like billing, reporting, task management, and time tracking makes the teams productive. Team collaboration and project organization have made Tanzohub popular.

  • Task management and project handling: The Tanzohub platform is the most suitable for task management and project handling. It lets you decide the priorities, dates, statuses, and teams. After assigning tasks, team members can collaborate, set reminders, track time, upload necessary files, and leave comments on the complete and in-progress tasks. Time tracking makes it easy to bill the client for time spent.
  • Time Tracking: Tanzohub's time tracking feature helps you easily manage tasks within the set time. You can analyze the time spent on each task and record that while billing your clients. It displays budget, profits, revenue, and loss in charts and diagrams.
  • Integrations: Tanzohub integrates with tools like Google Drive, Slack, QuickBooks, and Slack. The purpose of these integrations is to streamline the project and task completion. Comments on tasks help other team members to know about the roadblocks and progress of the job.
  • Customizable Features: Tanzohub's customizable features, like templates, milestones, charts, and graphs, make managing projects and displaying progress easy. As a complete project management solution, you can download it to your desktop, laptop, Android, or iOS device. It streamlines the workflow.

Why Tanzohub?

Tanzohub is a Tanzanian project management platform for businesses, marketers, and influencers. But why do do you need a Tanzanian platform when many other project management tools are available online?

Here is the answer!

Tanzanian GPD largely depends upon the growth of small businesses. Over 95% of revenue generation comes from SMBs. Tanzohub is the answer for those interested in a reliable business solution without overspending. It is a reliable tool for small and medium-sized businesses. With Tanzohub, Tanzanian businesses easily manage projects and workflow within the teams.

Here are the reasons that make Tanzohub popular among Tanzanian businesses:

Profile Creation:

Companies can create business profiles on Tanzohub to showcase their products or services. Also, it is e, easy to post updates, offers, and land leave comments. A company profile is necessary to connect with brands and clients.


Organizations can display product catalogs on the Tanzohub platform. A complete solution to eCommerce business offers features like shipping, sales, and payments. Not only in Tanzania, but eCommerce is possible across international borders.

Resource Center:

Tanzohub resource center is full of professional courses and certification programs. It is the place to learn ways to grow your business and improve your skills. Learn from industry experts about hiring, project management, marketing, sales, etc.


Tanzohub’s affordability is its most prominent feature. It is pretty affordable compared to most of its competitors. Low rates make the platform adaptable for many SMEs.

In Tanzania, growth depends upon the success of online and small businesses. Tanzohub is the perfect platform to start your business and client-handling journey. With easy-to-use features and clean operations, this tool makes it easy to find new prospective clients and markets.

Tanzohub Platform Features:

Key Features of the Tanzohub are:

  • Comprehensive Library of over 50,000 books, online courses, ebooks, podcasts, audiobooks, video tutorials, etc.
  • Access Tanzohub offline. Download ebooks, tutorials, videos, etc. Save on smartphone or laptop.
  • The Tanzohub platform recommends courses, books, podcasts, audiobooks, and videos, podcasts based on user interest.
  • Tanzohub users can track the progress of online courses.
  • Tanzohub Community is full of additional expert resources from industry leaders. Ask questions, participate in discussions, ask questions, exchange book recommendations, and share insights.

The Tanzohub platform is full of features to improve your career and business.


Tanzohub is a complete solution for every small and medium-sized business in Tanzania. It is also effective as a learning platform to develop necessary skills. With online coaching from industry experts, one can learn SEO, marketing, social media management, project management, hiring skills, etc. It is easy to register as a student and join online classes. With easy payments, anyone can learn from Tanzohub. It is a reliable, affordable, and user-friendly platform.

Businesses can also use it as a project management tool to efficiently manage their project and workflow. Sign up for the free Tanzohub trial and take the next step to success.