How to Sell Textbooks Online

You can make a few bucks by selling those books you don't need anymore? Selling textbooks online is easy, and can put extra cash in your pocket. Follow these steps to sell your textbooks online. 


  • o 1
    Start researching websites on any search engine (google, yahoo) by typing "sell textbooks online". Click on the site that you want to research.
    o    2
    Register with the site to know how much money you can get for the textbooks that you want to sell. You will usually need to create a user name and password to use when accessing the website and provide your email address.
    Enter the ISBN from textbook to find out if the site will take it, how you can receive payment  and how much they will pay for it. Make sure that the textbook the one you are trying to sell  exactly matches with the list. If there are any extra items (such as guides or CD-ROMs) that came with textbook, you must sell with it.
    o    4
    Bookmark the pricing page. This will make it easier to refer when you will compare prices with another site.
    o    5
    Repeat Steps 1 to 4 until you find the best deal. When you decide to sell textbooks on a website, always describe the condition of the textbook thoroughly and honestly. This will help  the buyer and will give a positive selling reputation.
    o    6
    Decide on how you wanth to receive payment for textbooks (PayPal account, personal check, money order).
    o    7
    it is seller`s responsibility to mail the textbook to the buyer timely (mostly within two days of receiving payment).

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