How to Track an Amazon Purchase

From the Amazon Website You can track your own Amazon purchases. to make purchases and track your purchases from Amazon, You just need to have an account with . Amazon accounts are easy to use and free. Signup for an account at the homepage of Amazon.

When you log in to your account, you can easily check where your purchase is in the shipping arrangement by clicking on "track your recent orders". You should remember that when shipping volume is high than not all packages are scanned at each point of destination while  shipping. 

There is no need to be concerned till the estimated date of delivery has not passed even If there is no tracking data available for your purchase. Sometimes, packages are not scanned until they are not delivered to the recipient. This usually happen when shipping volumes are high, like during the holiday season. So be patient until your estimated date of delivery before becoming concerned about the products of your package in shipping.

Things You will Need

  • Internet access
  • Your Amazon login information and Amazon tracking number
  • You can find your tracking number on your receipt of purchase.
  • log in at Amazon Website(see Resources).
  • Hit on "Track Packages."
  • Enter your tracking number in space and click "Track."

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