How to Write a Book Review on Amazon

You can comment to contribute your  views and thoughts on books on the website to help web surfers and customers decide on what they want to read or purchase. 

Things you will need

  • ·         Internet connection

  • ·         Account registered on

  • ·         You should be Familiar with the book you intend to review


o    1
Log in to account.
o    2
Search the book on the

Search "Spotlight Reviews" on the page and click on the link "Write an online review"  below the heading.
o    4
Rate the book from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being best and 1 being worst.

o    5

Enter a title.

o    6
Write the full review in the  text box.
o    7
By checking the appropriate box you certify that you are above age of 13 years (allowed to contribute a review).