July 08, 2014

How to add custom google now commands on android device using commandr app

Google has recently updated Google search with OK Google hot word detection on all type of screens. You can easily use Google now commands with this feature from any screen of any android device. You can do do lots of thing easily and also can use a lot of commands in google now, but there are a lot of things that it still doesn’t performs, like turn off blue-tooth, Wifi. For this problem Commandr app is here to help you. This is a free app. With This Commandr app, you can toggle  Led light of camera, GPS, WIFI and anything else you want.

Install the Commander app form the google play store then make some changes. Setup is quite easy. Lest see how the commaandr app works on the Android devices.

How to set customized commands for Google Now

Open the Commandr App. To activate voice command once say OK Google, note to self, turn on flashlight Once the commander app get activate then type test command on app screen.

As the app get activate you will see the list of the commands in settings like shown in the pic