July 04, 2014

How to Create a Listmania List

Listmania! feature of Amazon allow buyers to share lists of products with other customers.

Know how to create your own Amazon Listmania! list ?

log in to Amazon.com and search for products that you want to add in a Listmania! list. Under "Listmania!" title you will see few previous Listmania! lists that are containing the products on the lefthand side of page. Click on "Create a Listmania! List" to go on a webpage that let you create Listmania! list.

Make a good title of your list. Title should describe the contents of Listmania! lists. Titles help buyers looking find lists relevant to their need.

Enter your qualifications relevant to the list. For example, if you intend to create a list of beauty products, mention your experience in that field.

Enter introduction of lists to introduce users your list and purpose of your lists. Its optional and you can enter maximum 200 characters.

Insert relevant tags into Listmania! list. Tags work as keywords that describe list and help buyers to find it. Separate tags with single comma. Click on "What's a Tag?" for detailed information about it.

Select products to add in Listmania! lists.Then click on "Add Product", and select appropriate category, then enter name of  product and then click on "Go" and preview the results. Select matching products to your product and enter comments. Select "Add Another" to add more products and Then click on "Done" when finished.

Remove or move items on Listmania! list by using the "Remove" and the arrows buttons. When you are ready to share Listmania! list Select "Publish List".

Warnings & Tips

Share your views to amazon about the current Listmania! list creator.

If you are under 13 years old, then do not make a Listmania! list.

Don't use irrelevant, abusive or obscene tags. Keep personal information out of your tags, including anything that identifies children.