July 18, 2014

How to Deny Amazon Access to My PC

You can block other users to use amazon on your PC to prevent unauthorized sales. To Deny Amazon Access to My PC just follow these steps :

How to Deny Amazon Access to My PC : eAskme

How to Deny Amazon Access to My PC ?

How to Block Amazon Using Internet Explorer ?
  • Open Internet Explorer.

  • Click on "Tools".

  • Click on "Internet Options".

  • Click on "Privacy".

  • Click on "Sites".

  • Enter http://www.amazon.com in "Address of website" and click "OK".

How to Block Amazon Using Google Chrome ?
  • Open Google Chrome.

  • Click on wrench icon and click on Internet Option.

  • Click on "Options".

  • Select "Under the Hood" Label.

  • Under "network", click on "Change Proxy Settings"and then select "Security".

  • Select "Restricted Sites".

  • Click on "Sites".

  • Enter "http://www.amazon.com" in  "Add this website to the zone".

  • Click on "Add" and then "Close".

How to Block Amazon on All Browsers ?
  • Click "Start" Button. Enter "cmd". or Click on "Run" enter "Cmd" and hit "Enter".

  • Enter "net user administrator /active:yes" and hit "Enter". 

  • Click on "Start". Shutdown your PC.  Click on Switch off or log off and select Administrator profile.

  • Insert cursor in last line of file. Enter blank line .

  • Enter amazon.com www.amazon.com

  • Click on "File" and Click "Save".

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