July 30, 2014

How to Get People to Follow Your Blog

People have tons of choices to follows blogs. So t make people visit your blogs again and again and keep them as your loyal followers you just need to keep these things in mind and work accordingly.
How to Get People to Follow Your Blog : eAskme
How to Get People to Follow Your Blog : eAskme

How to get people to follow your blog ?

Create Great Content :

Create great content for your blog. People only follow the blog that have great content. Update your blog every week readers will get updated content. Increase more posting help you get more traffic and get good search engine rank.

Understand your Audience :
It is always good to know that which age group and type of interest people have who visit your blog regularly, So you can post according to the interest of your followers and give them reason to visit your blogs again and again. Always stick to the topic with your loyal fan base.

Add Photos :
Pictures attract more people. Pictures have better impression of your posts. Add one picture to each post with caption. Do not post copyright pics. Better to use pictures that you take or create yourself.

Show Funny Side :
Show funny side of your life and nature in your blog posts. It will help people not to get bore while reading your posts and keep their interests. Customize your blog posts and template. Write post about author in your blog.

Make Friends :
You can look your neighborhood and see what other bloggers doing while searching on blogsphere. You can follow them and they follow you back, you can comment on their posts and they will comment you back. this way you can have good friends in Blogging community. treat them as your allies not your competitors.

Promotion :
Promotions are big part to increase traffic of a blog. Posts links of your blogs on social networks , and you will get good followers and traffic from there. Let others share your posts and this will increase traffic. Use URL of blog as signature in your email.

Answer Questions and Comments :
Always keep your contact with your followers. When anyone ask question or comment on your blog, Do not let them wait for reply. your fast reply will impress them and also give you better opportunity to present your blog and yourself.

Submit Your Blogs :
You should list your sites on search engines. It will help people to find your content and posts more easily. You can submit your blog to Google, yahoo, bing, and many more.You can use Ping-o-Matic and Technorati also. These will bring more potential visitors.

Don`t Overwhelm with Ads :
Don`t post to many ads on your blog, this will decrease the popularity of your own content. People do not like to visit sites with too many ads. keep it Minimum.

Keep Track of Progress :
keep track of progress of your blogs. Know where your visitors like to go on your blog and plan your posts accordingly.

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