July 04, 2014

How to Sell things on Amazon

By Sona Mathews
Amazon.com not only sell books also sell a variety of things to buyers such as electronics, movies, digital downloads, games,  home and garden, apparel,beauty products, health, kids' stuff and even groceries.

Here are the way how you can sell anything on Amazon :

  1. Sign up for Amazon.com

  2. Go to Your Account. There you see the option "My Seller Account". Choose "My Seller Account" create seller's account. Give Amazon bank account information to receive payments via direct deposit when buyers buy the items you sell.

  3. Select "List Single Items for Sale". A screen will open that want you to select categories in which the items for sale belongs, the keyword or title of the product and the ISBN, ASIN or UPC number. Enter accurate information than click on "Continue"

  4. Look for the products that matches exactly with the item you want to sell. If the items is not available for sale on Amazon.com, than it will display a message saying, "Please note: Because the item you indicated is not currently in our catalog, it is ineligible for Amazon Marketplace selling.".

  5. Describe the condition using preset options such as "Collectible-Acceptable" or "Used-Like New" or  you can add comments up to 1000 characters. Enter the price andquantity of the items you want to sell. Enter ZIP code so the buyers know from where the products are shipping. Describe if you are willing to ship via expedited service or internationally.

  6. For accuracy review the listing information. The pre-confirmation page shows what Amazon's commission and how much money you should make by selling items. Click on "Submit your listing".

  7. If your item get sell than you will recieve an email from Amazon. (Amazon delists your items and does not charge you a fee, If your items does not sell in 30 days.) Mail the items to your buyers. Amazon pay by direct deposits twice a month to your checking account.