How to Use Two Domain Names On GoDaddy

Sometimes developers and webmasters need to have two or more domains on a single account. GoDaddy give this feature to  have two domains or sites on a single account. You just need to sign up with correct plan and do follow these steps :

How to Use Two Domain Names On GoDaddy : eAskme

How to Use Two Domain Names On GoDaddy ?
See following steps:

How to use Both Domain Names wit the GoDaddy Service ?
  1. You must have both domains names with GoDaddy. If you already have not registered both domains, then first buy two domains with and if you have domains with other registrar than transfer its control to For help you can see site support forums.

  2. Register for hosting plan. Either you can purchase hosting same time when you have registered your domain names or if you have domains already than you can purchase hosting plan now.

  3. You can select Unlimited or deluxe plan for hosting on Windows or Linux server. Only economy plan do not allow multiple sites.

  4. Upload your content to If both domains are for one site than can upload all files together, or if both domains are for different sites than make different folder on server to upload files of these domains.

  5. After this step go to account manager and select "Hosting". Click on "Manage Account".  Click on Stat managing domains to go on "Domain Management".

  6. Click on "Add Domain", and add domain that you have transferred or already registered with GoDaddy.

  7. In folder enter the location of the files stored on the server. repeat this step for all domains. 

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