What Are the Different Types of Kindles

The Kindle e-reader was introduced in 2007 by Amazon. The main purpose of Kindle is to use as an e-reader that can store thousands of books in a digital format.

What Are the Different Types of Kindles : eAskme
What Are the Different Types of Kindles : eAskme

First Generation Kindle :

Its sale started in 2007. Its screen was 6 inches diagonal and 7.5 inches height, 0.7 inches thick and 5.3 inches wide. Weight of Kindle one was 10.3 ounces. It can store ebooks in 256 MB memory. It also has sd card slot to increase upto 4 GB. They can easily access Wikipedia and Kindle Store, but it did not had web browsing.

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Second Generation Kindle :

Kindle 2 sale started in 2009. It has 6 inches screen , 5.3 inches wide, 8 inches tall, 0.36 inches thick. It wa taller than Kindle 1. It had  GB internal memory and store 1500 e-books. But it does not have memory expansion. It can work two hours on wireless connection and without wireless upto two weeks.

Kindle DX :

It was released in 2010. It has 9.7 inches screen. It is 10.4 inches tall, .38 inches thick and 7.2 inches wide. Its weight 18.9 ounces. It has 4 GB internal memory to store 3500 ebooks. It also does not have expansion feature. It works on built in 3G wireless connection.

Third Generation Kindle :

It also known as Kindle 3 and went on sale in 2010. It has 6 inches screen and 8.7 ounces weight. It measures 4.8 inches wide, 0.335 inches thick and 7.5 inches tall. It has 4GB internal memory and store 3500 ebooks. It also do not have expansion feature. It has two models one with 3G one without.

If you like to read ebooks online and from amazon, Kindle is the worlds best way to handle so many ebooks same time.

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