How to Configure Zend with Godaddy

GoDaddy is a famous web host and biggest Internet domain registrar. Zend is actually a PHP-based Web application. Zend Optimizer is an application enables script execution. 

How to Configure Zend with Godaddy : eAskme
How to Configure Zend with Godaddy : eAskme
How to Configure Zend with ?
  1. Open text editor.

  2. Enter "<?php phpinfo () ; ?>" .

  3. Save it as "test.php".

  4. In GoDaddy account, make a new folder in web space root then save it with name"zend".

  5. Go to http://<yoursitename>/test.php and note operating system, PHP version and full path.

  6. Register with Zend.

  7. Downlaod Zend Optimizer.

  8. Uncompress Zend Optimizer.

  9. Search for "/data folder".

  10. Go to folder that has PHP.

  11. Upload content to Zend Folder.

  12. Rename php.ini as xphp.ini.

  13. Copy xphp.ini and rename this Php5.ini.

  14. Now add Zend code in this file. Click on open Zend Code

  15. Replace PATH in zend code with the path you have saved.

  16. Upload  file in GoDaddy in Web root.

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