May 07, 2017

How to Get Free .Com Domain for a Year?

A domain is the most important part of a website or blog. People usually buy domains from top domain sellers companies like GoDaddy or Bluehost. But you might don`t know that You are missing an opportunity to get domain or any other top level domain like .net, .org, .in and so on.
How to Get Free .Com Domain for a Year?: eAskme
 How to Get Free .Com Domain for a Year?: eAskme

Today I am going to share this tip with you that will help you to get your free domain and save money. if you don`t follow than you will pay extra money. So read everything thoroughly what is written in this post and understand how you can get free domain for whole year.

How to Get Free Domain Like .com or .org or so on Without Paying Extra Money?

Usually a .com domain for a year cost between$11 USD to $13 USD and everyone pay for domain for first year. Because we don't know or may be so much addicted to search that we go to top domain sites and purchase domains from there even when we have chance to get free domain.

Usually impulsive behavior of people cost them extra and also people waste such domains.

What Should I Do to Get a Free .com Domain ?

First you need to decide which domain name you want after that you need two things Domain Name and Web Hosting.

You can also get free domain if you buy web hosting plan that giving free domain for a year. So today I will share those hosting companies that give you hosting on discounted price and also one domain name for free.

BlueHost Hosting Offers Free Domain Name :

BlueHost is one of the most popular web hosting company. Their plan include free Email account with unlimited webhosting. One year hosting plan of BlueHost, give you one year 1 free domain+ unlimited storage hosting + free Email Account.

To Get  free domain with webhosting Click Here.

Click on Sign Up. Now add the domain name you wish for free. You will not be charged for this domain name and you get absolutely free .com or any other domain name.

Click on Next select the term, make payment and checkout. Term can be one year or 6 months. Check your email for login details that you receive from Bluehost and login to Control Panel. Now go to eMail section and click on Email accounts then create free Email Address.
Now you can design and develop your own website or blog or can hire a freelancer for this work as now you have free domain and free email address to start.
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