7 Tools for Building a Happy Community

It takes lot of hardwork to build an online community. You need to use available tools for building a happy community. You have to create killer content and sharing that content with your audience. It is really important for everyone to engage audience on a daily basis.

7 Tools for Building a Happy Community: eAskme
7 Tools for Building a Happy Community: eAskme

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Do you want to take on another responsibility?

Simply put: Yes, you have to.

If you want to grow engaging online community, then it`s your responsibility to make sure that you keep your members happy.

That may seems like a massive undertaking, but here is an interesting story, as there are various tools available online to help you build a happy community.

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7 tools for building a happy community

Google Analytics

If you are a blogger, webmaster or Internet marketer than you must be familiar with Google Analytics.

Buy you may not know that Google Analytics can be extremely beneficial to build a happy community.

If you have been using Google Analytics then this may not be a breaking news. But for newbies it is a great fact to know.

Google Analytics provide vital information regarding your audience, such as their location, social media platforms, time on site and engagement they.

This information help you discover what content your readers are looking for and where you should share it with them.

This is an awesome place to build online community.


According to Groupsite, they are “social networking and collaboration meet” organizer. Their features also make this statement correct.

Groupsite was earlier known as CollectiveX.

It helps online communities to interact with each other through.

Groupsite also allows you to share and organize events using Group Calendars.

It is a premium service which start at $30 per month. Groupsite also offers a 30-day free trial.

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The success of an online community depend upon how good it is to listen what it`s members are saying. Now the question is, how can you listen to every complaint, suggestion or sign of gratitude?

Olark is here to help you

Olark make communication easy between you and your community as it allow members to chat with you or send emails.

Olark is that integrated with Zendesk, Salesforce and Highrise to keep conversation on file.

You can start with free trial, after that you can select from different monthly plan.

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Do you want to design your own online community, then is the best choice for you. delivers everything that a good online community needs.

This includes customer support, private messaging, chat rooms, media clips, forums and blogs. It also provide a survey tool and event calendar. Plans run between $399 and $999 per month.

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Do you like to interact with your community members in person? If yes then you should not go anywhere other than Splash.

Splash makes it easy to plan an event.

You can easily create an event site, collect RSVP’s, sell tickets and send out invitations.

Other features include a post-event analytics report, mobile-in and streaming of the event. Splash also helps you create a contact list  and create user profiles.


Intercom is similar to Olark.

Intercom helps you listen to customers. Intercom allows you to discover and observe influential customers.

Find out what your industry leaders are saying about you and then engage them.

Intercom offer free service for 14 days, but after that you have to pay.

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Are you a WordPress user?

If yes then BuddyPress is best for WordPress.

It is a Wordpress plugin that you need to install

BuddyPress convert your WordPress blog into your own social network.

It allow you to have profiles of members, micro-communities, private messaging and meet new friends.

But, what if you are not using WordPress?

If you are using a CMS like Joomla then you can use JomSocial, which is similar to BuddyPress.

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Final Words:/Conclusion

So now you have this list of 7 Tools for Building a Happy Community.

These are everything I have used to create online communities.

These tools help you build a happy and growing.

Which is your favorite online community or tool? Do share via comments.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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