February 23, 2015

How to Start Domain and Webhosting Company

There are a lot of opportunities to make money online. You just need to choose according to your own skills and interest. I have already shared many ways to earn money online. Today we discuss about one more way that help you earn a lot money online and start your own online business. This thing is Starting domain and web hosting business. You can set your own price for web hosting and business and earn a lot money from it.

You just start your own webhosting business by becoming a white label reseller. There are services like GoDaddy, Resellerclub which allow you to start your own white label hosting business. and you also get support from main reseller company. Resellerclub is the cheapest option. They want you to invest $99 (4500 INR), and later on you can use this money to buy domains and hosting packages. Here is step by step guide to start your own domain and web hosting reseller business.

Features of Reseller Club :

  • Sell domains under your own brand
  • Sell hosting under your own brand
  • Set your own price
  • Add Sub-sellers
  • Special promotions
  • No Setup fee
  • Pricesare on slab basis
  • White label branding
  • Easy to use interface with documentation
You need not to worry about geo location as they have already optimized for all countries.

This article will help you setup reseller account, you should use your own domain name as hosting business. So here is this method that will help you start your own online business.

Step by Step guide to Setup Hosting Reseller Business :

You need not to worry about language as they have landing page for each country. Click here to  start your own webhosting company and Click on "Sign Up" on Reseller Club home page.

How to Start Domain and Webhosting Company: eAskme
 How to Start Domain and Webhosting Company: eAskme

Fill information on Sign up Page. You should know below things :

Selling Currency : Set seller currency according according to target audience. To target global audience set it to US dollar.

Accounting Currency : This you should set according to your location and currency of your own country.

Click on "Sign Up" and payment page will open. Add funds to activate reseller account. Minimum amount is  $99 (4500 INR) . Later on you can use this money to sell domain and hosting.

Payment options :

  • Pay.pw : Credit Card Payments visa Mastercard/Visa
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • Paypal
  • AliPay
You will see payment options aaccordingto yoru own country. Add money and login to reseller control panel. Now you should do branding fo your reseller account. Add your Logo, domain name that you will use to sell hosting and domains.

Get Free .Com Domain

Branding Reseller Hosting Account :

So as now you have purchased reseller hosting account, so now get ready for branding. You can change look, add logo and configure everything.

In Reseller panel click on "Products then "Domain registration" then "check availability. Search domain name to use. Check availability of domain and buy it. Create customer account. In Payment option select "execute the request but cancel the invoice". And click on " Execute the requests without receiving payment".

Now go to settings click on "Branding settings" then Super site and partner site then fully Branded name.

See This video to update a record.

It will take 2 hours for record to work. Now you need to update nameserver for domain. Go to "Settings" then "Branded Settings" then "Name servers and you will see nameservers to use for domain. Go to domain settings and change nameservers.

After this you will be able to access domain and hosting account. Now go to Settings then Branded settings and add analytics, tracking, and logo. You can also hire people to change look for you. Now integrate payment gateway.

Start Hosting Business :

So now you are ready to setup your own hosting and domain reseller business.

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Do share your own views about domain and web hosting business.