September 08, 2014

7 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

Links are one of the most important things. Buliding backlinks is very critical for any webmaster. Today we will talk about ways to get quality backlinks for your blog or website.

7 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks : eAskme
7 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks : eAskme

Article Marketing :

Article marketing is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks. You should consider few things to get quality backlinks though article marketing. Do this on relevant websites only.

To make it effective you should use anchor text to promote your website though article marketing.

Submit articles to most reputed and quality article directories that have authority in search engines and well established. Link worthy content will help you get backlinks.

Use social bookmarking or networking sites to add links to your website.

Press Release:

Use press release website effectively. You can get tons of quality backlinks from press release ad they supply content to small sites this way you will get more exposure and quality backlinks.

Create attractive and newsworthy title as this will make more people interested in your press release. Also in your press release, have a link to your website in body of your content.

Link Exchange:

This still work in its own way. Have a separate website where you can put links of other people.

Document Sharing Sites :

You can submit your articles and ebooks to document sharing sites. You can create pdf files of your posts and upload them to file sharing sites this way you will get quality backlink.

You can start doing this on Scribd.

Guest Posting :

Guest posting is great way to build backlinks. These backlinks are of high quality. The blogs on which you do guest posting have been trusted by Google and don`t publish duplicate content.

If you write high quality article can stay on homepage of those blogs and get huge traffic from there.

Blog Commenting :

Blog commenting also work to build backlinks. But you should use this method only by writing valuable comments.

You should also read

Conclusion :

With these tips you can get quality backlinks, it will lead to better SEO and more traffic.

Please share your tips to get quality instant backlinks?

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