How to Create a Blogspot

Blogpost or blogger both are the same thing. This is a product of Google. With blogspot Google allow everyone to create free blogs with their own quality content. It is very easy to create a Blogspot for free.

How to Create a Blogspot : eAskme
How to Create a Blogspot Blog : eAskme

You just need to have a Gmail account to start creating a blogspot account or blog. Today we talk about how you can create a Blogspot blog and its features and benefits.

How to Create a Blogspot Account?

  • Open www.Blogspot.com or www.Blogger.com both will land you to same page of blogger.com
  • If you already have a Gmail account than enter your Gmail id and password to login to blogspot account or you have to create gmail id by clicking on "Create New Account".
  • Once you login to Blogspot.com click on "Continue to blogger".
  • Now new screen will open.

How to Create a Blogspot Blog?

  • Now to start creating your first blogspot blog click on "New Blog".
  • It will open a new window. Enter title of your blog in "title" and enter URL or domain name of your blog in "URL". You will see that your blogspot blog URL ends with yourblogname.Blogpsot.com.
  • You can choose free themes that is shown there by Blogger.
  • Click on "Create" to create blog. This way you successfully create Blogspot blog.
  • Now you can start writing posts by click on "new post".

How to Create a Blogspot Page?

It is very easy to create a page on blogspot. You can use pages in navigation. Mostly bloggers write their blog`s About US, Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Contact US, Services etc. These pages give information about blog, its policies and services it offer.
  • To create a blogspot page follow these steps:
  • Login to blogger.com with your gmail id and password.
  • Click on "Pages" tab of blog dashboard.
  • Click on "New Page" to create a page on blogpot.
  • Enter title of page in "Page".
  • Write content of your page in content box.
  • Click on "Publish" to publish your page.
There are much more features and benefits of blogspot blog that i have already discussed in my previous posts under "Blogger" tab.

Do share your own views and experiences about blogspot blog or blogger blog.