September 11, 2014

Google Adsense- Do`s and Don`ts

By Sonia
Google Adsense is the most simplest and easiest ways of making money online. people need no investment and procedure is simple. But they have strict rules to be followed. Google is very strict to protect authenticity of the program. If you do not follow rules than they will terminate your account without question. Today We will discuss about rules of Google 

Google Adsense- Do`s and Don`ts : eAskme
Google Adsense- Do`s and Don`ts : eAskme

Adsense account :

Adsense Don`ts to Continue Earning Without Any Problem :

  • Do not click on your Adsense ads as there is zero tolerance in this area. Never ask your friends or family to click on ads.
  • You need lot of patience to earn money with Google Adsense.
  • If you do not understand its process that take time to understand full features of adsense. 
  • Do not use Adsense on pages of blog where you are buying PPC traffic.
  • Don not use text as "click on ads" or any other text to bound users to click.
  • Never place Adsense ads on sites that are not allowed.
  • You can see more guidelines here 

Follow These Useful and Simple Tips to Earn Money Without Trouble in Google Adsense Program :

  • Collect more and more information about Google Adsense. You will learn a lot from mistake and experiences of others.
  • Follow steps to optimize your site to earn money online by Adsense program.
  • Click on adsense ads of other sites only if they really interests you.
  • If you visit on other site leave comments only if you really like the content of the page.

These tips will help you earn good money with Google Adsense Program. Do share your own tips to increase Adsense earning.