October 21, 2014

How to Create Torrent File on Mac & Share it on Web

Where many use torrents to download pirate software and illegal files, the legal and good use of torrent is that you can create your own torrent file and share online so everyone can download it. If you create videos you can create torrent file for videos. From its description you can drive traffic to your blog.
How to create torrent file : eAskme
How to create torrent file : eAskme

Today we talk about how to create Torrent Fille and upload on public torrent sites. You can use any of torrent client available online. according to me uTorrent if best for windows and Mac.

Firefox Torrent addons for download freaks

Public torrent sites like Piratebay, Miniova and many more allow you to upload your files.

How to to Create Torrent file

First you need to know that you need unlimited bandwidth to keep seeding the file. Run uTorrent client. This help you to create free torrent files. Click on "File" and add the file you want to share. Now add below given trackers URLs in Trackers list.








Add details about torrent in comment field. Add your signature name and details if you want. Click on "Create and Save As".

Now you torrent file is ready. You can either email your torrent file to friends or you can create aaccount on public torrent site like Piratebay.  Always select proper category to upload your torrent file and add description.

List of Public Torrent Directories:

    Vertor Torrent
   I hope this will help you to create torrent file and upload it. Feel free to ask any question in comments.