October 20, 2014

Memories of love

Sitting here, at their vacation home. Looking over the waves. She thinks about the last few years they have been together. The day they met. Trevor, with his hair all messed up. Thanks to a very windy day. Looking like he needed help.

He was new in town and needed to find directions to a restaurant. She offered to help him. He didn't even know how to prepare an egg. He laughed while telling her. Who would ever be able to resist that smile? She surely couldn't. He told her to repay her kind deed he has to take her out for dinner. He needed some company, was his excuse. Looking down at her hand to see if she is single. She softly blushed and said it is fine. He thanked her for helping him and since then they have been together.

Memories of love : eAskme
Memories of love : eAskme
She doesn't even remember the place. Because she followed his every move. Listened to his every word. When did he show her how serious he was about her? Was it when he saw another person being interested in her?

Well none of that mattered now. Her lips pulling as if to forget every thought she is having. Her heart isn't accepting what her mind tells her. They were so happy. When did they lose that? Is it all really lost? She left so quietly. Would he even know she has left? Feels like he doesn't notice her anymore.

But thinking about their lives together. She start to remember the good times they had. How he tried to make her breakfast in bed? Smiling as she thinks how a disaster it was. How he made up for it by taking her to her

favorite place. Or how he wasn't upset when she accidentally made a mess when trying to help him paint their home. She had more paint on her than the walls. He looked at her in the most adorable way. Thinking about it. She still feels how her heart beats fast. Thinking more and more, Jennie wonders if she was too quick. Should she have stayed and waited?

Missing him she sighs and goes back into their home. Makes a cup of tea and go to their favorite couch. Strange how things can become special when it is because the one you love is with you. Getting a blanket to sit and read her favorite book. She start sipping her tea, looking at her cellphone. She wonders if he made a call. No nothing. He clearly isn't missing her or ever realize she left.

From pure exhaustion she falls asleep. In her dreams she feels his arms around her. Holding her and carrying her. Telling her how much he loves her. Waking up she refuse to give up on her dream. Wanting more of that. When she hears a sound and looks around in the room.

But she isn't in the lounge anymore. She is in their bedroom. How did that happen? She moves and feel the arms of someone holding her. Turning slowly, looking around. She see the face of the man that she loves so much. Looking at her and smiling. Kissing her softly. Telling her how he missed her since she left. She wonders when did he come. But that details can wait till later. Because she knows that she is just where she belongs. In his arms and close to his heart.

What is important in life Love, Money, or anything else.

Written by Sugar

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