August 09, 2016

How I got One Million Visitors in One Day on My Blog

Is this you call Miracle. Or is this you call success. No matter what we can call it. It just showed a huge, actually a very huge result of my efforts. Where I was always thinking, Planning and working to get millions of traffic in a month. My social networking strategy has delivered me more than one million pageviews in just one day, today,

Make Money Blogging : infographic

This is just a dream come true that actually I never ever dreamed till now. One million pageviews in one day. What a kick-start I got today from allover the world. Thanks to people who visited and appreciated me on different social networks.

How to Get One Million traffic to Blog or Website in One Day : eAskme
How to Get One Million Pageviews to Blog or Website in One Day : eAskme

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One Million traffic in one day make me feel like WOW, its just much more than what anyone can imagine I think. I do have social networks, do use social bookmarking sites, But traffic never gone more than 10,000 pageviews in one day but today it seems one of my best days.

When I woke up in morning traffic was normal. I posted few articles and also the posts that I got from my readers. Than I started sharing on social bookmarking sites Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit. Till 11 am everything seems like usual. But then fortune came to meet me and my traffic of blog started growing like Crackers blast with fire.

Within few hours what I have seen is that I have got around one million traffic only from Digg and rest from other sites like facebook, twitter and more what I use to share my articles.

How I got One million traffic in One Day from Digg ?

I just don`t know how it happened, But what I have seen I am telling you here. I have seen that my article started showing on first page of Digg. I think it remained their only for 6 hours and within these 6  hours the miracle happened to me.

Traffic is still coming although my posts not showing right now on Digg. I have seen and read a lot about Digg that if you can get one single post on first page of it then result will be miraculous. But never thought that it will happen so soon with me.

I really appreciate to those who visited my posts and took interest in reading and spending time on my blog.

It is a very huge appreciation in itself, that I got this much traffic in just one day and also I am writing this post so everyone know that it is possible to get one million visitors in just one day. You should always be positive and keep doing good job. You never know which of your article and post get click and go viral on any of social network or social bookmarking site.

Once again thanks to all.

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