October 13, 2014

How to Use Ultrasurf Desktop Proxy Program

Ultrasurf is one of most popular desktop based proxy program. You can easily access any blocked site in your office or country by using it. We prefer Ultrasurf because it is lightweight and does nto require any installation.
Ultrasurf Desktop Proxy Program : eAskme
How to Use Ultrasurf Desktop Proxy Program : eAskme
Ultra-surf is a click and run software so it doest not require any installation. You just need to do some changes with Ultrasurf settings in your Internet connection require proxy settings.

A guide to use Ultrasurf proxy Software

First of all you need to download Ultrasurf. Unzip the Ultrasurf zip file and run it. it will open Internet explorer and proxy settings will be configured.

Ultra-surf will be connected to best server automatically.Status will show as "Successfully connected to Server".

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Settings to connect Ultra surf behind proxy:

If your Internet connection need you to setup proxy settings to connect to Internet than you have to setup Ultrasurf.

Go to options=>Proxy Settings=>Manual Proxy Settings=> enter proxy server address.

Now click on "OK" then status of Ultrasurf Proxy Program change to Connected. In case you want to configure Mozilla FireFox then change proxy settings to

So this is the simplest way of using ultrasurf. Do share if you use any other proxy program. If you like this article do share on your social networks. To get updates in inbox subscribe eAskme feed.