October 13, 2014

How To Use Online Forums to Promote your Website

Forums are great tool to promote your link in niche group. All you need to do is just focus on promoting links but do not spam. Today we discuss about tips to to promote your links at forums.

How To Use Online Forums to Promote your Website : eAskme
How To Use Online Forums to Promote your Website : eAskme
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Remember to be successful in forums you need to follow one rule give more take less. Contribute more and more to the needs of others. If you work on forum selflessly you will get maximum benefit of any online forum.  This is called trust building. This also show that you are not a spammer. With your answers an link of your own blog in signature will present you good.

Talk with Influential:

You should get in talks with Influential people who have authority of their own sites. These members will help your site go on next level. Contribute to all discussions where they are contributing. PM them with your views. After few contacts you will get approval for a link back or review of your website.

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Flame Bait:

Everyone know that we can use forum signatures and this will bring traffic to yoru site. You just need to start flame bait, a heated topic where peopel jump to contribute and talk. When so many people jump on your discussion, they can also click and visit your site.

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These are just a few ways to promote your blog via forums. They are surely vauable ways that give proper exposure to your site. Do share your own tips in comments ?