January 03, 2017

Top 10 Free tools to check for content theft

By Sonia
Plagiarism means copying content from one person`s blog and pasting or using it on other. It is frustrating when I see other try to use my words. It hurt more if I see better search engine ranking for that copied article than my original one. I believe noone like this.

Copy content is one of the biggest blogging mistakes which most of the bloggers do. We already covered a lot of articles for blogger and blogging tips and tricks.

Today we talk about where to check and get help to fight Plagiarism. Here we see the list of top 10 anti-plagiarism.



Virante Duplicate Content:

Plagiarism Checker:



DMCA scan:

Plag Spotter:

Dupli Checker:


There are lot more tools available online but believe me these 10 are the top and the best Anti-Plagiarism tools available online.Try them and let us know which one you like. 

If you still have any question, do share your opinion in comments.