January 03, 2017

How I Built A Micro-Niche Site And Earning $200/Month From AdSense?

We have already talked about ways to make money online. Blogging is one of the best rewarding and smartest way to make money. Blogging not only allow you to make money but also it create name along with the money. Today I give you my real life example that is making $200/month from Adsense and $150 from Affiliate marketing with just few hours of work.

How I Built A Micro-Niche Site And Earning $200/Month From AdSense?: eAskme
How I Built A Micro-Niche Site And Earning $200/Month From AdSense?: eAskme

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So we are going to discuss the blueprint of creating a micro-niche blog. You can use this for any topic of your choice. As I picked a niche and started writing. So today we discuss actual steps to create a micro-niche blog. With just 50-60 hours of work, micro niche blog has made over $2500 in a year.

Why Should Start a Micro-Niche Blog?

Answer of this good question is that a niche site ranks higher in search engines easily. A high -Quality website on specific topic rank higher easily than any existing authority site. Also the benefit is that you do not need to work day and night. As once you create a micro-niche site and post content then you are free. You just need to wait to see money in your account.

The Complete Blueprint to Build a Niche Website Which make Money:

Select Niche and Domain:

The main and one of the most important thing is to find a niche, of your interest. When you look for a niche also look for popularity and commercial aspects. As you want to make money with Adsense, so you should target the topic which is popular is U.K and U.S.A. As I have picked "Cydia" as it is most popular for jailbroken community and iPhone users. I like this topic as it has longest expiration time and also its search in Google is good. For this purpose I used LongTailPro.

The domain I decided iOSCrunch

Keyword research and Content Planning:

I decided few things as I mentioned below:
  • Pick long lasting topics.
  • Make it wikipedia for this topic.
  • Keywords that drive good CPC and traffic.
So we I just not only worked on high adsense CPC keywords but i created a mindmap like FAQ`s of the topic.
  • What is?
  • How to Use or install?
  • Advantages and disadvantages?
  • Important Facts.

I used SEMRUSH to find detailed keywords. Competitor feature of SEMRUSH worked great for me and gave me good keywords. Try this link to use SEMRUSH complete free for 15 days, that save your $160.

I got more than 20 topic ideas about micro niche site. I have written 4 posts and then 1 post daily. And this way I got high quality evergreen content for my site.

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How to Set up a Micro-Niche Blog:

Next things are quite easy. Just create a blog on Blogger or WordPress and see the magic of micro-niche site. Here I mention a checklist of theme and plugins with important details to create a micro-niche blog of your own.

Hosting : Bluehost ( free domains)
Theme : Swiftthemes
WordPress plugins:

The Main thought behind this is to work less and earn more. I just focused on search engine traffic and reached my goal.

Few Things Which I think I should Have Done:

Created Separate Social-media page: 

Social media profiles are very helpful but I skipped it as I already have few pages for technology blogs so I integrated it. But I recommend you to create a social media page for your site. It is always good to have social media profile and promotions.

Social Media Presence

No backlink building:

I have not build a single backlink and no promotions other than just social media. All traffic on iOSCrunch is organic. I worked most on OnPage and OnSite SEO.


I am using Google Adsense only right now, but soon integrate iPhone affiliate products also.

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What you consider?

With just $100 investment and 50 hours of work I am making $200 and more every month. I also need not to spend time on backlinks and on other promotions. This site is set to make money online.

In coming articles we will discuss more about micro-niche sites. If you do have any question or suggestion then feel free to ask in comments.
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