March 06, 2019

40+ Ways to Make Money Quickly

Usually people believe that making money is not easy. So they try to find some ways to Make money fast, this thought always fly in mind of everyone. people do ask how to make more money fast and what are the ways to make money quickly online.

Making Money is not that difficult as we make it in our mind.

It just needs proper steps that lead us to make easy money, thousands are people in the world already make money from home, and not only monthly expenses, but they are earning much more that goes to thousands of dollars every month.

40+ Ways to Make Money Quickly: eAskme
40+ Ways to Make Money Quickly: eAskme
So now the question is when so many people are making money online, including me, then why you are not making online or not making money from home.

If you need to make some extra money, we suggest taking a read through our recommendations below.

The answer is people usually don`t try to do what their mind say they can`t, and that is the pity in most of the cases that people believe that they can`t do this or that what others do.

But in reality, everyone can do what they want to. It is just the matter of belief.

There is a saying :

"If your mind accepts you lose you will lose. if your mind says you win, you will win".

See the only thing is what we believe. Now rather than talking like a philosopher. I feel it the time to talk about the top ways to make money online.

Ways to Make Money Online and Offline:

40+ Ways to Make Money Quickly: eAskme


Blogging is a world-famous way to make money online and make it your full-time career.

We have already talked about the importance of blogging and its role in making money and establish a good career.

Blogging is a best online business.

It allows you to earn money even by expressing your thoughts and views with others.

So, Start a Blog now.

Read this : 5 Steps to Make Money Blogging 


Betting on games is not legal in India, But if you in some country where betting is legal, like South Africa.

You can make a lot of money from it. You can make bets with your friends. Win bet and make money.


Online surveys are easy ways to make money online from home. You need to sign up on sites that give an online survey.

Complete their studies.

Get threshold amount for payment and get paid via PayPal or wire transfer.

But there are a lot of fake survey websites online so when you go to signup the site make sure it is authentic.

I recommend

Get paid for searching on web:

If you want to start making money for what you already do online? Then easiest way is to make money online by searching the internet. is the website that rewards you to search on Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

You need to install the add-on on your browser which shows sponsored ads. And you will make money every time you search.

Also, there is no minimum payout limit so you can withdraw your earning anytime.

Social Investment networks:

You can make use of free online market trading platforms to make money online. is a popular name of social investment network

It has more than 00 million users worldwide.

They have copytrader feature that allows you to follow the way how others trade.

You can start with $200 and copy them and make money online.

Recycling Mobile Phone:

You can get money for recycling your old mobile phone.

Sell old phone on sites that allow you to sell old gadgets, or you can also search on Google to see individual companies who recycle your phone.

Get paid to sites:

As you make money from online surveys, same way GPT (Get paid Tp) sites offer you rewards for completing some tasks online.

The most popular GPt sites are Paidoffers,, etc.

Start a website:

We all know about Facebook, so we all know that websites are the excellent way to make money online

There is no limit on earning from a website.

There are lots of students who created sites and then sold it in millions of dollars.

Write and publish Your Kindle eBook:

If you are good at anything, then you should write about that, make an ebook, release on Amazon Kindle Store and make money online.

Kindle app is available on almost all devices. List your book with a price, and you will earn 70% of the sale of your ebook.

Create a good cover for your ebook; it will help you attract buyers.

How to Make More Money online : eAskme
How to Make More Money online : eAskme

Affiliate marketing:

If you have a Blog or a Website and you getting right visitors to your site, then you can start promoting products and services of those who sell it via affiliates

These days affiliate marketing is one of the significant ways to make money online.

Just sign up for Affiliate networks like Clickbank and find the product you want to promote on your site.

You will get the commission for the lead or sales generated by the link you advertise on your website or blog.

Review music:

If you have the passion for music, then you can make it your business.

You can make money reviewing unsigned artists and bands for cash.

You can write on your Blog or Website about that band and artist, and this will help them to get followers and buyers of their music.


You can run contests to promote something, and in return, you can provide the best promoter some gift.

As you get promoters for the product, you were supporting it be easy to get promotion of same product at multiple levels, and you generate more revenue out of it.

Claim tax return:

If you are paying income tax, and you know that you overpaid income tax, then you can claim tax return.

The tax system is different in each country so it depends upon how you will request and what will be the process.

Get cashback:

Nowadays cash-back for making purchases and using the credit card is a common thing.

You can purchase products from the Online store or from Stores who offer cashback on some amount of shopping.

This will help you save 5% to 10% on shopping cost.

Part-time job:

If you are a student or someone who doesn`t do any full-time job, then you can look for readily available part-time work.

This not only helps you make money but also help you keep busy. If you are in the USA you should sign up for Graduate Recruitment Bureau; this service finds part-time work for students.

Gigs on Fiverr:

Fiverr is s popular marketplace to make money online by selling gigs, means small services.

This is a right way how stay at home moms make cash quickly.

Default price set is $5 there for any assistance.

Many Women and men offer services like making videos, giving voice-overs, etc.

Sell Used books:

There must be books in your house that you don`t use anymore.

What are you waiting for sell those books on Amazon, as they are the most prominent online bookseller worldwide?

It will help you make some money.

See this : How to sell books on Amazon 

Become an Amazon ‘Mechanical Turk’:

Amazon also offers you the opportunity to make money online by doing short tasks. Their concept is based on Internet crowdsourcing.

You will see the variety of functions they call Hits that you need to to to earn rewards.

See it : How to make money online with Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Buy and Sell domains:

This is an excellent way to make money online.

You can buy domains and sell them in the online marketplace like or Whenever any of domain you sell you get the quick profit.

See : How to sell Domains on GoDaddy 

Be an extra on TV:

If you have talent and opportunity, then try for the TV serials. Even if you don`t get the main lead, try to get an extra.

Nothing can be dangerous as also being extra can make you earn few thousands every month.

Sell old CD`s, DVD`s :

If you want to make quick cash, then sell the old movies, or music video CD`s and DVD`s online.

The best place is Amazon, but there are many other also available.

You can put details of your CD or DVD set a price and sell online. This will help you make extra cash.

Teach Online:

If you are good at some subject, and you know you have the ability to teach, then you should prepare students.

There are millions of students worldwide looking for one or other subject teachings online.

Be an online teacher to teach online as it will help you to teach worldwide and if you want to teach locally, you can be the offline teacher.

Sell your photos:

If you are good at photo shoots, then sell it and make quick cash. Sell pictures of the subject that are in demand.

Rent Your Parking Space:

If you have a good parking space, then you can rent it to others and make monthly cash easily.

There are a lot of people who already rent their parking space. It is the easy and useful method.

Be a  charity collector:

This work needs a particular kind of person, as you can face a lot of rejections daily ao need a lot of patience.

But if you can do it you can make good money.


It's an old-fashioned, classical way to make money.

You get paid well even when you watch Tv or not doing anything, just for taking care of the baby.

In USA Criminal record Bureau look after small children. If you don`t know what to charge, then look at local ads, and you will get the idea.

Become a freelance interviewer:

If you have excellent HR skills and love to ask questions, then you can carry out interviews for a company.

They pay you only for taking interviews. So it is just pure.

Mystery shopping: 

Become a mystery shopper and get paid.

Mystery shoppers are those shoppers who buy the product as decided by the organization or company to test the quality of service or product.

how to make quick money : eAskme
how to make quick money : eAskme

Dog walking:

Dog Walking is also good business; people are making $10 a dog for an hour walk. It is the good way to make money and also keep you fit.

Rent out your Apartment for filming:

Directors of movies and TV serials always keep looking for apartments and houses for shooting.

You can give your house or apartment for rent and make good money from them.

Rent out your body:

Some people like renting body to make quick bucks. I am not making any offense here.

I am talking about people who want to serve their body for body painting art, or some for the lap dance to make quick bucks.

Warning: Do not do anything you are not comfortable with.

Become Freelancer:

Freelance, Elance, oDesk these are the name of such sites that provide the unlimited amount of freelance work.

You need to have skills for the job you are applying there, and you get the job, do work and get paid.


Busking is the good way to make money.

You know Justin Bieber did busk. You need a right place where you can play your song. This way you can make good money.

Sell clothes on eBay:

eBay is one of the best places to sell junk.

You can even sell your old clothes that you do not use anymore and make quick cash quickly.

Sell your stories and videos:

If you write stories or you are good at making videos, then you can sell them. It not only get you good money but also can make you famous.

Sign up for psychology experiments:

People make a lot of money for services like psychology experiments. They are just regular and also don`t require much time.

YouTube videos:

YouTube videos are also a great way to make money online. Create your unique video and upload it to YouTube and monetize it to make money. Revenue collected per 1,000 views.

See it : How to make Money With YouTube 

Network marketing:

Network marketing is one of the most significant business in 21st century.

You generate income in two ways, first by selling products and making commissions and second recruiting members who also sell.

Source property for wealthy investors:

We know very well that property is one of the most significant ways to make money. Lots of people make more money from it.

You need to find properties that are below market value and sell them at the rate of market value or more and get your commission.

Advertise your skills:

If you have other shills like you can fix car, computers, make cupcakes or do anything then advertise about that and get work and make money.

So now you know how to make more money. These are the best possible ways you can make money. I have tried many of them, and they are best, like Blogging, Websites, domain selling, affiliate marketing, Selling the book, movies, etc.

Try them and find out which work best for you. Because if you never try, you will never know that where success is waiting for you.

If you still have any question, Feel free to ask me via comments.

Be happy, Live long!

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