March 07, 2019

(Vulnerable Question) How Bloggers Make Money Without Caring Alexa Ranking Anymore? Here is the answer

Are you one of those who believe that Alexa ranking is a factor to measure the success? Are you trying too hard to work for Alexa rank and forgetting everything else?

Alexa measure rank on the basis of data they have collected in last 3 months such as traffic, bounce rate, time on site, pageviews, backlinks, organic search and speed of website.

Do you know that there are professional bloggers who are making millions every month even when their Alexa rank is between 1,000,000.

(Vulnerable Question) How Bloggers Make Money Without Caring Alexa Ranking Anymore? Here is the answer: eAskme
(Vulnerable Question) How Bloggers Make Money Without Caring Alexa Ranking Anymore? Here is the answer: eAskme
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How they can make huge money even when they are not ranking high in Alexa?

Answer is simple they focus more on content, traffic and user engagement on their blogs rather than just working for Alexa rank.

Alexa rank is just a ranking, it is not the guarantee that how much money you are making. The real asset is your readers and the content you are sharing.

How Professional Bloggers Make money without Caring about Alexa ranking:

How Professional Bloggers Make money without Caring about Alexa ranking : eAskme
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1) Focus on Content:

Professionals know how to attract and make the readers stick with their blogs.

They know that the valuable content is the only thing which can make the reader visit the blog again and again.

That is why, professional bloggers focus more not only on creating content regularly but also on improving the quality of the content.

There are time when you have old content on your time and you have to update the old content with new one because things change with time.

Updating old content also help to add more value to the old posts and make the readers visit those posts again.

They also focus on how the latest topics and review are going to be the biggest help to generate more leads.

Fresh content always help to grab more traffic and generate more sales even if your sites is not ranking well in Alexa.

2) Focus on promotion:

Promotion is the key factor which make your site or blog to stand in the tough competition.

How can you expect anyone to find your blog, when they do not know about that you have a blog?

I am not saying that you must put huge amount on promotions.

I am talking about the content which you can share on your social profiles, pages and communities to attract more traffic and generate more leads.

Your promotion methods are the big factor which help you to earn huge money.

Every professional blogger promote his/her blog on various networks such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.

This also helps to get more subscribers and followers on social media channels.

3) Focus on Readers:

If you want to be a successful blogger, then;
  • Your focus should always be on what your readers want from you and your blog?
  • You must understand the behavior of your visitors?
  • You must understand what visitors like and why they are on your blog?

When you know what they want, you can start promoting such things on your blog.

This helps you to make huge money as an affiliate marketer.

Bloggers make thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing by promoting the products and services according to their niche and interest of their readers.

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If you don`t know how to find the best affiliate program according to your niche, then try this plugin.

Professional bloggers focus on the affiliate programs and it help to make more money even if they do not rank high in Alexa.

4) Focus on organic traffic:

Organic traffic not only tells that how valuable your article or content is?

But it also help the people to land on your website through search engines.

When a person land on a page through search engine, he believes that the page has high value and have correct details or information about what he is looking for.

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This trust make the visitor buy from your website or affiliate programs that you are running on your blog.

This is the same thing which help professional bloggers to make money without caring about Alexa rank.

5) Focus on branding:

Do you know that branding helps to make more money than anything else?

When your website or blog becomes a brand, people love to buy from you even if the price is much higher then local brands.

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Let me help you understand why Alexa rank does not matter when it comes to earn money blogging?

Now even if you are not thinking about millions of dollars, still I have a long list to share with you of those bloggers Including me who are making huge money without caring about Alexa anymore.

If you still have any question, Feel free to ask me via comments.

Be happy, Live long!

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