March 05, 2019

An Open Letter to Bloggers Who Are Choosing Blogging as a Career

To many people it seems funny!

Other guys are rushing to get;
  • A white collar job

  • Dreaming to date a beautiful girl

Bloggers dream to have;
  • Huge social following

  • Tons of traffic

  • High DA backlinks

  • And thousands of email subscribers.
An Open Letter to Bloggers Who Are Choosing Blogging as a Career: eAskme
An Open Letter to Bloggers Who Are Choosing Blogging as a Career: eAskme
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Definition of happiness is different for a blogger.

When you see a new subscriber to your blog or when others appreciate your work and comments, you say Yippee!

These are few things which make us happy.

Acceptance of a guest post on a popular blog is way more delightful; than dating a beautiful girl.

I be more happy when a beginner blogger see $200 Paypal transaction in a month.
As a blogger, perception of life changes.

Why it changes?

Because we love spending 10-15 hours a day in front of PC, because we feels it`s great.

Bloggers are always focused and try to write with quality and better information.

As a blogger, many do not know much about programming but still they can create their own designs, which is actually a good thing.

Fonts, color schemes, keywords, load time, procrastination, productivity, optimism, patience are most valuable words for us.

Everyday, We are actually making ourselves a better person.

Awesome thing about Blogging as a career:

Steps to Make Money Blogging 

We freaking love it!

We are not compelled or forced to work for it, we adopt this job because we love it.

Here are are the real questions:

How long will it continue?

If you are a student then it can be your favorite time-pass and you also make some money with it.

But do you continue it after your studies?

Do you have guts to choose blogging as career?

If you are blogging while working in MNC or any other firm, do you want to quite your job and accept blogging as your full time job.

Do you have that courage?

Courage: An Open Letter to Bloggers Who Are Choosing Blogging as a Career: eAskme

Note : If you are a Blogger who is struggling to find his courage, then this is for you.

Truth is people don`t take it seriously.

Many times when you say that you are a blogger, may be many people don`t know what you saying or even if they do they still ask how you make money or what is your job.

People have a mindset, that noone can make money online from home or from anywhere.

They don`t consider blogging as a full time profession. But this is not their fault.

You ask people for advice when you don`t believe that you can be a full time blogger.

Blogging for Money Guide 

You can prove others wrong, all you need to do is

Stop Being Coward

Are you a Coward?

If you are afraid to take next step then of-course you are.

You may imagine disapproving looks of your family and friends.

Or you think too much what others say or make fun of you or you think that if you take that step, can you still earn good to make good money for your family.

That means you have mind full of If, If and If.

How to Choose Blogging Niche of Your Blog

Other Side:

An Open Letter to Bloggers Who Are Choosing Blogging as a Career

Here let me clear you one thing, many of you don`t start getting traffic just from first day and chances are that earning can be negligible in beginning days or months.

May be you need to do some odd jobs to keep things going on.

Make Money Blogging with Google Adsense

If you get this question in your mind that why you should do this even if you not getting enough, let me tell you why?

  1. Because, your heart never want to leave blogging.

  2. Because you feel it is a great work.

  3. Because it was your choice.

  4. Because you love spending your time finding, writing, reading.

  5. And you have the courage to do so.

How to Find Courage to Start/Continue Full Time Blogging

When I started blogging, I found out that blogging is just not writing it`s much more than that.

I’m learning new things daily.

Blogging has transformed me completely.


I have writing skills, marketing and coding as well.

Blogging has improved my writing.

Blogging has pushed me to learn new things such as;

These things helps me to understand Digital marketing.

An Open Letter to Bloggers Who Are Choosing Blogging as a Career : eAskme
An Open Letter to Bloggers Who Are Choosing Blogging as a Career : eAskme
Why Every Business Should be Blogging

But, there is more than that one should learn.

The Lesson I have learned

Follow your dream

This is always seen that people kill their dreams and passion because of one or other reason.

You have dreams and only you have to accomplish them.

Ask Yourself a Question, do you love going to office where someone is giving you orders.

Well I don`t like that. If you also don`t like that then why you doing that job?
Never neglect your inner voice which drive your passion.

Remember: there is a difference between living & existing.

You are born to chase your dreams not just live life because you are breathing.

Life is not for just money, money is for life needs.

I’m not asking you to quit your job and start blogging straight away.

I am saying that even if you are doing 9-5 job, you still have 6 PM-10 PM, which is a lot of time.
Set your priorities, don`t just let this precious time to go out of your hands.

Everyone have problems, it`s all about what are our priorities, so stop making excuses.

Get OVER excuses and start blogging. Yes you can do it and only you can do anything for yourself.

Now, tell me what you want to do?

Do you want to change your life?

You have questions? Share via comments.

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