Why Blogging Is The Best Online Money Making Business? Find out Here!

After seeing my success rate in blogging in past months many people sent me emails and asked me about blogging thinking that it is very easy to make money blogging. But the fact is that Blogging is definitely the best way to make money online, but surely not an easy way.

Blogging Best online money making business : eAskme
Blogging Best online money making business : eAskme

It took time, hard-work, dedication and patience to reach the goal of financial freedom for life. Now lets see why Blogging is one of the best way to make money online and why should everyone try this.

In India general tendency of people studying or working is to get some good salary approx from $200-$3000. The way jobs always seems uncertain and recession can hit anytime, so people are looking some reliable way to earn money even in recession.

Blogging is one of those methods that are available online to make money in good way. It worked great for me and it can actually do wonders in life of anyone.

Why Blogging is easiest way to make money :

Lets see the blogging in real and simple manner.
  • Create a blog
  • Choose a topic
  • Write detailed articles
  • Sign Up for Adsense and get ad codes (Read : Google Adsense Guide?)
  • People visit your blog and articles and click on ads and you make money.
Blogging is simple. You can also do some advance stuff like Social media optimization , SEO but that come a lot later.

Now look at the investment of starting Blogging Business.

Whenever you decide to do a business you have to make some investments. Usually when you do any business you buy a place, raw material, advertise etc. But in blogging investment is 100-10,000 times lesser then any usual business you to.

So now we compare a usual business with Blogging.


For a newbie you can easily create blog on blogspot or blogger, place ads and do everything top learn basics of blogging. Once you step out from basic stage, then you cna take your business to next level that is WordPress blog. Where on blogger or blogspot you only need to buy Domain and Template that almost cost you as low as $50 a year, on Wordpress is can cost you more as you need hosting also so it can be as low as $90 a year.

You can join online course to Learn Blogging and Make Money Blogging.

Raw Material and Product:

This is where you need not to spend even a single penny. This is the beauty of Blogging. Raw material is your own knowledge. Just think, read and write. Create competitive content with quality. You may not get perfect in one day but remember Slow and Steady wins the Race.

Advertisement and Marketing:

As a professional blogger I make good investment of promotions and marketing of my blogs. We have platforms like Facebook, Goolge, twitter, Pinterest to market your blog for free. Blog commenting and Guest posting also add value, without spending single penny on investment. All you need is dedication.

People usually ask how much money I earn from Bloggind and Adsense. Answer is there is no limit. You can also write article to review products and get paid and also do affiliate marketing, all on your blog only.

Difficulties for Newbies with Blogging as a Business:

It is true that you make a lot of money blogging but also it is not going to be very easy. It requires dedication and hardwork. Here we talk about some problems that any new blogger can face.

Reason of Blogging :

You can get fail if you focus on money and money all time. Blogger`s main goal should be to write quality content with details. We always suggest to stick to one niche on one blog.


You should be consistent. You should write daily or weekly, no matter of any situation. Your readers only keep coming if they see that you updating it. They don`t care any reason why you not updating your blog.

Business Plan:

Things were easier in last few years but now lots of things has changed. You should always have a business plan for your blog.

Steps : Make Money Blogging

If I be a newbie who want to start a blog, then I will do following things:
  • Create a Blog on Blogger.com
  • Read lots of blogs and basics of SEO. 
  • Observe top Blogs.
  • Read Interviews.
  • Write one article a day.
  • Compare your blog with others.
Just to tell you that it took me 2-3 months to start making my first $, but then my story of financial freedom has started. Blogging is only for those who have dedication, and it become simple and easy task for them.

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