November 06, 2014

Effects of Blog comments on Blog Traffic

By Sonia
We have already talked about why blogging is best online money making business. Bloggers always have following questions in their minds.:

  • How to get better ranking in search engines
  • How to make a blog noticed
  • What should be length of the article
If you search on Google you found thousands of tips online to improve blog. Today we will discuss about an important topic that play major role in growth of a blog and SEO. This article will change your way to look at blog comments. Now we going to see how blog comments plays a major role in better search engine ranking.

Effects of Blog comments on Blog Traffic : eAskme
Effects of Blog comments on Blog Traffic : eAskme
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Do Blog Comments Help in Ranking Your Content Higher?

Lets talk about length of content first. SERPIQ says that the longer length of the content the higher rank that get in search.

Even here at eAskme, our top traffic articles are those which have more than 800 words. These lengthy posts also increase backlinks sharing. Now if you deciding to write long posts, let us help you with Blog comments.

Blog comments are also comes under post content. So number of high quality comments will definitely increase ranking of your content. Comments also improve keyword variation and quality of the content. But remember irrelevant comments do more damage than benefit of any good comment.

This is the main reason we always recommend not to use comment luv plugin on wordpress as it attracts a lot of spammy comments and broken links. So it is not good pugin in long run.

Case Study : How Removing Unvaluable Comments Helped my Blog Traffic

I have changed comment system of my blog and moved it to Google plus comments and removed my old comments. I didn`t know the effect of comments till than.

After replacing comments system my blog traffic dropped a lot within a couple of days. So I decided to move back and removed Google Plus commenting system and bring it back to normal. Remember problem was not with Google commenting system but it was that I have removed comments from my blog. But as I bring back to normal my blog start getting good traffic again.

So with this case study you see that if you have relevant comments then it will surely increase your blog traffic and ranking of the post also it get you more organic traffic and if you have irrelevant comments then better to remove them.

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Comment on a blog have great importance. They make posts rank higher so you should encourage your readers to use comments. But always remember that their comments must add value to your post. If you find any irrelevant comment that feel free to delete that.

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