November 29, 2014

Why Nicheless Blogs Can`t Compete with Niche Blog

A Nich blog is The biggest plus point to make money blogging. Blogging in a niche make you establish yourself as an expert. This make your blog get more targeted traffic when people are looking for the same information. It establish your authority which make Google like you more.

When I started my first blog about news I was not getting much targeted traffic as there are so many already, who have strong authority. So then I decided to make eAskme a how to site on where i specifically write about blogging and technology. The major change in revenue and quality traffic happened when I started iOSCrunch, a blog for iPhone unlocking. As it make me get more targeted traffic for the more particular niche blog.
Nicheless Blog : eAskme
How Nicheless Blogs Can`t Compete with Niche Blog : eAskme
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The best thing is that you need not to be an expert. You just need to choose a niche of your own interest.

It also help you in SEO campaigns. A micro niche site get faster backlinks then a content farm.

How Nicheless Blogs Can`t Compete with Niche Blog

Niche Blog and SEO

When you start SEO campaign, You focus on your mainpage. Fo this purpose you need to add keywords in anchor text. This will help you get authority and traffic on those keywords ad it bring traffic to your blog. When people visit, they also look for other articles on your site for the same topic. It help you reduce bounce rate as your visitors spend more time on your site and they come again and again to check the updates. Doing SEO of your mainpage is always better than doing SEO of inner pages.

If you don`t have blog on a particular niche then it can be hard for you to do these things. Then you have to optimize each page of your blog on different keywords and you can`t set your homepage as center of all. This means that you need to spend much more time to do SEO for a Nicheless blog. It also keep people go away from your site easily as the next article that you have written may be related to some other topic. In SEO world everything is related to Niche, keyword and relevancy.But if you write something extraordinary then people can stick to your blog. When people want to look for something they target some specific information. This also give advantage to long tail keywords over short ones.

Advantages of  A Niche Blog

  • Niche blog is related to relevant keywords for same niche so it make easy to do SEO effectively.
  • There is less work.
  • You can earn more with keyword targeted ad networks like Adbrite, Adsense and other ads
  • You build strong readership for that Niche.
  • You only need to focus on one topic.
  • It is much better to make money.
Points to consider while selecting niche of your blog.

Hard Side Of Creating A Niche Blog

Like a coin there is a hard side of Niche Blog. You need to be an expert to write for a particular niche, but that you can sort out by reading more. Sometimes you find so many subtopics of some niche, so it can be difficult to decide. You need to do marketing research. You have to choose only those keywords that generate you more money. You need to work on quality of visitors.
The best thing is that if you target long tail keywords then it will be really easy for you to make money with niche blog. There is always less competition on long tail keywords. This will make you rank higher and earn more quickly.

So you see How Nicheless Blogs Can`t Compete with Niche Blog. Do share your own views that you like to work on multiniche blog or you like to work on micro niche or niche blog.

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